In the 10th inning on Saturday night with the score tied, Fernando Rodney was left in the game to face Miguel Cabrera. What happened next is now our favorite moment of the season (see full video below).

Cabrera was clearly on edge from the beginning of the at bat. After the second strike Cabrera spits in the direction of Rodney. Then, after an 0-2 pitch sails high, Cabreara stairs down Rodney who gestures back at Cabrera. The next pitch was up-and-in.

And. It. Was. On.

Rodney would eventually strike out Cabrera who cried all the way back to the dugout and then some. Here is the entire sequence…

Why? This might go back to After Friday night’s game when Miguel Cabrera celebrated the Tigers’ win by mocking Fernando Rodney’s “Shoot the Moon” routine…

6-28-2013 9-13-38 PM

And that might have had something to do with Rodney shooting the moon during the World Baseball Classic when Rodney’s Dominican team easily beat Cabrera’s Venezuelan squad 9-3. That routine became a huge part of the Dominican squad’s run to the WBC title, which leaves us wondering what Cabrera’s Dominican teammates feel about his gesture…



  1. Burg says:

    Does the MLB not see Cabrera call Rodney a "maricon" after he K's. If Escobar gets suspended for using gay slurs en espanol then so should Fatbrera.

  2. Ken says:

    Classic confrontation. Good for you Fernando. Miggy, Joey Bats and others need to be pushed off the plate a lot more. They're way to comfy in the box.
    Rodney went old school on Cabrera and Miggy took offense, poor baby.
    All in all it was a very good game, lots of drama. Luke's poke shocked the Tigers, and Verlander. You could see the tension in their dugout.
    The kids, Archer and Torres, kept us close. Big hits by Loney and Wil set the table and Yunel delivered. Big win.

  3. Bill says:

    It's so sad that such a talented player has such attitude problems. Or is it roid rage now that he's off the sauce? And it is a shame that a manager, who I thought was classy, forgets that throwing up and in to back someone off has been part of baseball strategy since time immemorial. Leyland has been a straight shooter in my recollection. Clearly he doesn't want to call out his stud. But going on the record condemning that pitch just told the rest of baseball how to get to Fatbrerra.

  4. Dean says:

    Leyland's way overrated. No manager today does less with more. When he speaks, ignore.

  5. bbmern says:

    I was not happy when Cabrera mocked Rodney on Friday, so good for Rodney! I think we're even. However, will not be surprised if one of our guys gets plunked today. Cabrera was a big baby last night...must have issues with Rodney..IMO.

    • Joe says:

      You must be new to baseball. You don't try to hit somebody in the head, like Rodney did, for any reason. Especially because hey supposedly mocked you the day before. What a joke.

  6. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Rodney had/has every right to buzz the tower on a red hot hitter crowding the plate who just so happened to mock him the night before. The point that is being overlooked here though is that it was horrible timing to be playing around with games of one-upsmanship...

    • Joe says:

      If he has the right to do thta, then Cabrera should have the right to go out to the mound and "buzz the tower" with his bat. That's a joke. You don't throw at somebody's head, for any reason, but because they supposedly "mocked" you the day before might be the dumbest reason of all.

  7. bbmern says:

    Cabrera showed him up...I would compare that to a certain ex football player who stamped his feet on the Cowboys star. It was sweeettt to see Rodney ring him up and even sweeter for a Rays win...ohhh that felt soo damned good! Karma does come back to bite one in the ars.

  8. Roger says:

    any chance can we get the Farnsworth Cabrera video up. I heard lots about it but haven't seen it yet.

  9. Bill says:

    Not sure who you're saying missed the point, but I didn't miss any point. The pitch didn't hit him and the whining about the head is stupid. It's still whining and making a battle where there isn't one. I guarantee you Maddon would have said something like, "Of course we don't like balls near the head, but I have no way of knowing whether he was going there on purpose. If he was, then that's not right". Assuming the head area was intentional (Rodney does miss high a lot), and then issuing threats is not classy and I expect better from a manager of Leyland's experience. The nonsense about the head became nonsense and misdirection when he followed it with a threat. I would expect even you to catch that, Don.

    Just when I though you were getting some sense and defending the Rays... Just when I thought maybe you are a Rays fan.... You pull me back out.

  10. Ken says:

    Screw Leyland Don. Dez was buzzed with that same pitch in an earlier AB. Differnece between the two was velocity, more movement and the fact that Molina can't catch. Wynn, Gibson, Drysdale, Duren, Marichal, Tiant, Lolich, Ryan and too many others to mention used to "dust off" great hitters all the time. The Tigers came into the Trop very cocky and got taken down a peg.
    Maddon should start Farnsworth today and have him brush back Miggy with the first pitch. When did you become such a candy ass fan?

  11. JJ says:

    Clearly it was a purpose pitch. Hell, the pitch before was meant to be in the same place. However, the purpose was not to injure but to set the tone. The pitch also achieved it's objective. Miggy swung and missed a knee high inside change up for strike three. These two guys don't like each other. Goes back WSB where Rodney owned Miggy and his team beat up on Miggy's.
    Bill and Ken are absolutely right. High and tight is a part of baseball.
    Cabrera renewed the feud Friday night by doing the mock archer thing, showing up both Rodney and the Rays.
    Today's game should be interesting indeed. Go Rays, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

  12. Scot says:

    It was a purpose pitch? Given that in the same sequence Rodney completely overthrew another pitch, how is the one more inside any different? Frankly it is all stupid bit of testosterone on both players part. Rodney wanted to throw everything by Cabrera. But Leyland's remarks are the most serious. Should any Ray batter get hit with a "purpose pitch" today, the league should suspend Leyland.


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