We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

I love Chris Archer's stirrups, but why are they never even?
Here are 3 screengrabs mashed together to show how far Yunel Escobar ran to catch a foul ball
I don't think there is supposed to be pine tar on that end of the bat
Call up Wil Myers now, please.
Yo Loney, you don't have that much power. RUN!
Joyce did not drop his bat on this long foul. However, I think Breslow dropped his dignity
Did anybody vote for TB5? Did anybody not vote for TB2?
Big Papi's worst bat flip eva!
'Hi...yeah...we struck out 10...just deliver the free pizza to The Trop...thanks'
Ummm, can we get you a blanket? Maybe a quilt?
Here's an interesting twist to the shift. Bring the lone fielder on left side in to protect against the bunt
Hellickson trying on his Hellickson headphones
Pitchers keep trying to pitch Longoria away and keep failing
Who thought this was a good idea behind home plate. Somebody is going to die.
Are you really a Bruins fan? You're at a baseball game during the Stanley Cup Finals.
The Red Sox TV crew taking advantage of all the space in the visitor's broadcast booth


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