We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

Peralta Face
Allegedly, this is why Matt Joyce was hit later, because he 'pimped' his foul ball by dropping his bat
Based on the color of Don Orsillo's nose, it looks like he got some time in next to the pool before the game
Not Rays fans, right?
This camera lady is really short
Hey camera dude, whatcha lookin' at Creepy McCreeperphson?
Nice form
And hey look, Yunel Escobar used the safe sign and it was completely appropriate
Not sure I have ever seen a pitch hit this far in front of the plate
Hey Gong Dude, stop flirting with the interns
Pedroia didn't seem to agree with that call, but I'm not sure.
This game may never have gone to extra innings if this ball falls in the infield
And you can see, with two outs, Ben Zobrist was sprinting home
What's wrong Lackey, you mad?
Hello 13th inning, hello tomorrow
Good night, Raymond
Can't we get Raymond some baseball PJs?
Red Sox fans after midnight.
Dude, take a hint. What does she need to do, give you a lap dance?
That's not an arrow
And there are no arrows in the dugout either
Nice perm, Salty


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