Earlier this week there was at least one story in one of the local papers about what Wil Myers was going to do on the Rays’ off-day. I thought it was an interesting look into what is a whirlwind period for a prospect being called up to the majors for the first time. One minute you are in Durham. The next minute you are in the Bay Area trying to prove you belong and yet you don’t have any clothes or a place to live.

Well, Brian Anderson did not find it is as interesting as I did. In fact, he found it pretty annoying. He’s not sure why he has to read about what Myers is doing on his off-day (um, Brian, you don’t have to. It’s not a homework assignment). And he even drops an “are you kidding me?”

The rant seems to be based on an annoyance that Myers is getting so much attention (he refers to Myers’ first week in the majors as “Shark Week”). But instead it comes off as a direct shot at the local print media that seemed unnecessary. He also seems to not realize that all this buzz is good for both the Rays and for Sun Sports, two entities that are responsible for his paycheck every two weeks.

Here’s the video. Notice how uncomfortable Dewayne Staats sounds…



  1. Kevin says:

    This is exactly as I interpreted it too, and I thought about Marc Tompkin's article. I thought the article was interesting and disagreed with BA. He also makes it seem like Wil is all anyone is talking about, but Marc Tompkin writes about more than just Myers in that article.

  2. Lane Meyer says:

    BA spends most of the first 5 innings of every game kissing the ass of the opposing pitcher and opposing players. Much like Kevin Kennedy always did, he sounds like he's auditioning for a job with another team. If that's the case, I wish they would hire him soon. Staats could go too for my money and be replaced by Todd Kalas and another color commentator, perhaps Orestes Destrade. If they don't move Kalas up soon, he'll be gone.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Come on, Lane. BA is six or seven times better than that hack Kennedy who was double-timing between Boston and TB, let's not get carried away here!

      • Scot says:

        Kennedy didn't know the team and made no attempt to learn about them. But I do miss the excitement of the 2007 Devil Rays. No 14-0 or 0-14 lead was assured.

    • Scot says:

      BA does some useful information about pitching on occasion; however, his presence makes little difference to the enjoyment of watching the game. Staats on the other hand is so annoying because of his non-stop commenting and anti-intellectual diatribes against advanced statistical analysis that I choose never to listen to the TV audio. On the other hand, Todd Kalas is both smooth and knowledgeable. I agree, Todd should be the main announcer.

      After spending my holiday at the Trop this month, what I prefer to do now when watching a game is to stream the games onto the computer, but use the "Park" audio overlay so that I hear only the sounds of the stadium. The combination is closer to the experience of sitting in the stands. It is a much more pleasant experience.

  3. Mark says:

    I understand looking for a place to live. But why wouldn't he have any clothes?

    • Sarah says:

      Old clothes: what you can afford on a minor league salary. New clothes: what you can afford on a major league salary. Besides, he said he had to shop for the upcoming "accidental preppy" trip.

      I remember when Matt Moore got called up - there was a team picture snapped as they were heading back from maybe NY, and it showed Moore with a bunch of shopping bags in his hands, with names like "Hugo Boss" on them. Who wouldn't go on a bit of a shopping spree when your salary suddenly quadruples?

  4. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    BA has been a bit disgruntled lately. And as much as it pains me to type this, Don is right. I don't think BA was trying to be ironic when he started talking about what he and Dewayne should do on their off day... he is definitely coming off as self-absorbed (but he was a professional athlete, so that's to be expected).

  5. reeni645 says:

    We can't forget that this is new! Isn't it the job of media (print or TV) to report the news and epecially the news that gets more fans/readers to read/watch? Right now the Rays and many other teams are interested in Wil Myers since he is the "wonderkid" that was the result of big transactions. Right now he is getting his initial "15 minutes of fame".

    go for it. Good for the Rays to be in the spotlight. This is positive news, not murders/DUIs/domestic abuse/drugs or other negative press .

    Let the Kid have some limelight..then we will watch over the next 2 or so years and see what happens.

  6. Sarah says:

    I also enjoyed hearing what Wil Myers did on his off day (I had hoped it might include "get a haircut" but apparently it didn't.). But I was also sympathetic to Anderson's rant, because I have found the coverage -- not so much the TBT piece, but the articles and clips where every journalist, manager, player and ex player is asked "what do you think of Wil Myers". There is no possible response to that question that is even a little bit interesting or informative.

    I confess that I'm a huge BA fan - he is knowledgable about baseball but gets that it is a game, and that those of us sticking around when it's 10-1 need to be entertained.

    In contrast I've been feeling a little frustrated with Dave and Andy, who I find knowledgable and skilled, but who lately seem to spend too much time kvetching about Rays screw ups. "You keep putting the lead off hitter on base you will pay for it later!" or "Rays are running out of opportunities to cut into this lead!" are their typical comments-- said in the tone of a disappointed parent.

    • Scot says:

      It is good that Dave and Andy are willing to criticize the team, but they should back up their arguments with data - such as by putting the lead runner on vs. getting him out triples the probability that a run will score or increases the average number of runs by X, or something like that.

  7. marke says:

    I guess it's clearly a matter of opinion. I really like BA and Dewayne. I watch games on WGN, BSPN, MLBtv and every single time, I say to my girlfriend, "we are so lucky to have the TV commentators that we do". There are some TERRIBLE game callers and color commentators out there... MOST of them are terrible. Right now, I'm having to listen to Hawk Harrelson... good GOD, we're lucky to have our TV guys.

    BA has been going more off topic, for longer stretches this year. Maybe some PR person told him to???

    Yes, they missed the Longo gimp initially, but maybe they just didn't want to bring it up until they knew more... which was quickly afterwards. Longo frequently slows when he knows he's out, just to save the foot and hamstring.

    I don't understand anyone who would complain about them.

  8. marke says:

    For anyone to say Brian Anderson is self-absorbed is really, really reaching. Example: the day Cobb got hit in the head, BA, an ex-pitcher with WS experience, never offered a word about himself being hit and how it affects one's psyche afterwards. It took Dewayne, at least 30 minutes later, to ask BA if he'd ever been hit, then BA humbly mentioned that yes, he'd been hit in the head and had been badly injured by come-backers.

    Contrast this to Kennedy who would relate EVERY SINGLE TOPIC back to himself and his vast, worldly experiences. Kennedy would've said, "I ALMOST got hit once...", and would have yapped about HIS experience of ALMOST getting hit while they were carting Cobb off the field.

  9. Bill says:

    Absolutely right. Brian Anderson is always trying to get the topic off of himself and back onto baseball. He is supposed to be the baseball expert in the booth. He doesn't want to talk for 4 innings about the jeans he is wearing, or goofy pictures of himself or things like that. He never does that. And when others do it, he always gets back to the point of baseball. Guess I'm used to my childhood days when Harry Caray and Steve Stone were the guys I watched and Steve Stone never offered any baseball expertise and was always goofy, while Harry was so stoic and focused on the game. Right. Ironically Staats was the radio guy and would fill in in the booth for Caray sometimes. Guess he didn't learn the formula.

    It's called sarcasm and I'm laying it on pretty thick because I really don't care what kind jeans Brian Anderson is wearing in the booth. I'd much rather get to know what kind of person our new and future star player is by finding out what he does on his off day. Yes, BA, some fans care about who a person is, not just how far he can hit a ball.

    Could have ended that headline afte "BA is not happy". He's not and it shows.

  10. Dean says:

    Dave and Andy on the radio are excellent. They give it to you straight and aren't afraid to criticize.

    BA, Staats should be put down humanely.

    • Bill says:

      If only I could get Dave and Andy at my house. I listen to them while in the Trop all of the time. Many times I have to mute the TV for road games. Wish I could watch the TV and hear Dave and Andy. I would contribute to the "Put down BA and Staats Humanely" fund.

  11. chode says:

    I disagree with almost everyone on here. I find statts and BA quite entertaining... they actually talk about things besides baseball during the lull moments of the games.. if you had ever spoken to BA in person like I have, you would realize he wasn't disgruntled or annoyed. He can be very sarcastic but in a dry humorous way. He's simply pointing out that with all of the things going on with the Rays the best thing these people can write about is Wil Meyers off day.

    I agree that Meyers coverage has been excessive regardless of how good he may turn out to be. BA just pointed out the obvious...

    I hope BA and Statts stay around a long time.

  12. Duff says:

    We have been good MLB fans for a long time. We go all the way back to Chicago with Staats, when he worked with Harry Caray. We're sure that there were some challenges then, but nothing compared to this crashing bore: Brian Anderson.

    In watching the MLB Playoffs the last couple of weeks it occurs to us that there is no comparison in the quality of the color men. These guys are interesting, conversational and allow at least some crowd noise to filter through. Anderson's presence absolutely detracts from the enjoyment of the game. Our "mute" button is wearing out.

  13. dan says:

    Does b/a ever shut up.why he talk so much? Yack yack yack

  14. Steve kimrey and g Bauer says:

    Absolutely love listening or viewing BA and D Staats

  15. Dianah says:

    I am a huge fan of Rays Live and Orestes Destrata.....I have noticed for the last few weeks His pocket square is missing.....I have always admired the way he dresses and I wonder Why he has stopped wearing them.....I miss seeing them......Dianah


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