Back in 2011 we ran a post comparing David Price’s windup from that season to his windup from the 2008 season when he was first promoted to the majors. Here is that side-by-side…

What stood out to me at the time was that the movements in Price’s windup had been both minimized and slowed down.

Jim Hickey later confirmed that this was by-design and that the team wanted to simplify his windup. The key benefit is that if there are fewer moving parts, there is less that can go wrong.

Well, take a look at Matt Moore’s windup next to the two different versions of Price’s windup…

It should be pretty obvious that Moore’s windup is nearly identical to that of Price when he first came up in 2008.

Moore also tends to struggle with his mechanics more than the other pitchers in the rotation. When things are going well, he is as good as anybody in baseball. But when he loses the feel for his windup, things can go very bad. And we’ve seen that it can take him a few starts to rediscover his groove.

It is a little surprising that the Rays haven’t simplified Moore’s windup yet. And this is something that probably cannot be done during the season. So Moore’s struggle will still come and go this season. But don’t be surprised if we see a new version of Moore next season.


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  1. Beth says:

    What always strikes me about Moore's windup is how high he lifts his right leg. His knee nearly hits his chin. If I did that a few times today I'd need levers and pulleys to lift me out of bed the next day. To repeat that 100 + times in an outing -- that's got to take its toll.


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