Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

How much does MLB try to shove the Yankmees down one’s throat? If you watch a game online via, if automatically gives you the YES Network feed.

So it is part of the reason Joe loves so much when the Rays beat the Yankmees, especially like tonight when the Rays just pounded the Bronx Bombers, with a little bombing of their own.

How about Dirtbag? Two homers to right field, opposite field, both just clearly the fence. Even Yunel Escobar driving a long, long homer to center for a two-run shot driving home Matty Joyce.

Compared to recent starts, Matt Moore pitched good. Certainly not like he was earlier in the year but if this is his way of turning things around, Joe is OK with that.

It was such a fun win, that even fossil Kyle Farnsworth got a groundball double play to end the game. A charmed life.

Anyway, Joe is downing a cold one, loving the spanking the Rays handed the Yankmees.



  1. Rob says:

    Cork - Dave and Andy mentioned you on the broadcast in the bottom of the 9th. Couldn't really hear what they were talking about, but one said, "Professor Gaines, we're calling you out." It sounded like you may have missed catching a foul ball or something??

  2. Beazy says:

    Well, 3 straight games of really good pitching while giving up only 3 or less. We can score more then 3 consistently which has & will lead us to victory...


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