Reid BrignacThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Blue Jays 7, RAYS 5 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Jake Odorizzi. Overall, not a bad first outing. Not great, but not bad either. The big thing I noticed is he lacked consistency with his pitches. For example, he had fastballs anywhere from 87 to 95 mph. And the movement on his pitches, which is likely related to the speed, was also over the place. Sometimes there was a lot of movement and sometimes the pitch was straight. When a pitcher lacks consistency, it is hard for them to command their pitches in the strikezone and hit spots. Maybe it was first start jitters. But there is upside and at the same time there is a lot of work to do…Evan Longoria. He’s on pace to hit .331 with 33 home runs and 107 RBI. That’s what Longo should be doing every year. Maybe we’ll finally get one.

THE BAD: Josh Lueke. I don’t know if going to Josh Lueke was a bad move. But it does say something about the lack of bullpen depth when a guy that was in AAA last week is called into a tie game in the 7th inning. Was it just a bad day? Was Lueke not ready for a high leverage situation? Lueke faced 7 batters. He walked 4 (1 intentional). One was out on a sac bunt. And one hit a bases clearing double. Not good…Umpiring. Bad calls happen. And the Rays are not the only team to get screwed by a bad call this season even if it feels like it. But usually these things even out. I can think of 4-5 horrendous calls that went against the Rays this season. And I can’t recall a single incident this year in which I went “woah, we got away with one there.” That doesn’t mean I think there is a conspiracy. But the Rays have been very unlucky so far. Hopefully things start to even out…Reid Brignac in a Yankees Uniform. ?? (above)

THE TELLING: The Rays are now 23-21…Alex Colome was named the International League pitcher of the weekJosh Lueke wears interesting hats. And by interesting, I mean awful…Both Ben Zobrist and Jose Lobaton batted righty against the right-handed knuckleballer, RA Dickey…Sounds like it will be a while before Brandon Gomes is ready to come off the DL.


  • If you think nobody was offended by Yunel Escobar’s home run celebration, you don’t know anybody in Toronto or read Toronto newspapers. [Toronto Sun]
  • Here is more of the reaction from both the Rays and Jays to Yunel Escobar’s celebration. []
  • BASEBALL ANARCHY! Typical Joe Maddon. The umpires gave the Rays a home run and he is still upset, saying he would have played Sunday’s game under protest if Matt Joyce’s home run was changed from a double to a foul ball since fair/foul is not a provision of the replay rule. []
  • The Marlins are a mess. They are on pace for 115 losses and now one of their pitchers was caught cheating. [BI Sports]
  • Can Miguel Cabrera catch Pete Rose? Probably not, but also not as crazy as you’d think. [BI Sports]
  • The Bucs have a starting quarterback. That’s a good thing. Because I would hate to see them play a game without one. [JoeBucsFan]


DURHAM. no game scheduled

Huntsville 3, MONTGOMERY 0. Enny Romero tossed 6 shutout innings, striking out 6. He walked 3 and allowed 4 hits…Mikie Mahtook went 0-4.

Clearwater @ CHARLOTTE. postponed

West Michigan 7, BOWLING GREEN 6. After giving up just 5 runs TOTAL in his first 7 starts, Jeff Ames gave up 5 runs in just 5.1 innings on 10 hits, including 2 home runs. He struck out 3 and his ERA is now 2.13…Andrew Toles went 2-6 with a triple.





  1. s says:

    didn't escobar do pretty much the exact same HR"celebration" a couple of series ago? it was barely even noted then, yet now it's some sort of huge ordeal. hell, i'm pretty sure he's done it every HR.

  2. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Lueke has done an overall good job since getting the call up to the Show. He had an off night.

    Zobrists' at-bat with 2 down in the 9th was horrible. Bad take, bad swing, end of game.

    Odorizzi looked like a legitimate MLB-er in the making. His off-speed stuff was better than advertised ((according to Dwayne) I didn't know what to expect outside of low-mid 90's on the FB).


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