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RAYS 10, Marlins 6 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Deja Johnson. The Rays led this game 6-0, 7-3, and 7-6 in the 8th inning. But it wasn’t until Kelly Johnson hit a 3-run home run in the 8th inning that Rays fans began to relax a little. And even then, there were definitely nerves when Fernando Rodney walked the second batter of the 9th inning with a 4-run lead. It was Johnson’s fourth hit of the game and his second 3-run home run. In fact, his second home run landed just 2-3 seats behind the location of the first. Johnson now leads the Rays with 10 home run and is on pace for 32. His career-high is 26 (2010)…Jake McGee. We’ve pounded McGee pretty hard, so we have to give him credit when he comes into a 1-run game and allows just 1 baserunner in 2 solid innings. He did mix in a few sliders. Not a lot. But it’s a start.

THE BAD: Jake Odorizzi. After a shaky first inning, Odorizzi seemed to settle into a little bit of a groove in the second and third innings. But in the fourth inning, things fell apart. And once again, it was a lack of consistency in his pitches, especially the fastball and the changeup. His fastball was anywhere from 89-94. And his change was anywhere from 83-88. And it wasn’t even a few pitches that deviated from the norm. There was no norm.  Derek Dietrich. The former second round pick of the Rays was in single-A for the Rays a year ago. And now he is in the majors with the Marlins and looks like one of those scrappy players that does a lot of things well and will have a long big league career. He has some pop (3 HR in 16 games). And he will do anything to get on base, including twice sticking out a body part and getting hit by a pitch. He’s that guy you love to have on your team, but hate when you have to face him.

THE TELLING: The game took 3:39 minutes and felt longer…The Marlins are now 13-38 and on pace for 120 losses…David Price threw on Monday and said it “felt good”Durham Bulls manager Charlie Montoyo won his 500th game as a manager over the weekend…The Rays are 26-24, 5 games behind the Red Sox, who have now moved into first place by a game in front of the Yankees. According to CoolStandings.com, the Rays have a 36% chance of making the playoffs.


  • Earlier we reported that the Rays were the only team with base coaches wearing camo helmets. It turns out the Mets were also (via Uni-Watch.com). [Image]
  • David Price had a congratulatory smooch for his girlfriend after the WAGs softball game against the Marlins WAGs. [Twitter]
  • Speaking of which, the Rays WAGs beat the Marlins WAGs with a walk-off basehit by the wife of Derek Shelton (see GIF below). The Rays WAGs were playing for Autism Speaks charity. [TampaBay.com]
  • The Rays new sideline reporter got into a silly spat with a local weatherman on Twitter. It looks like the tweets have since been deleted. [Image]
  • Donald Penn is large and angry. Well, the large is in dispute, the angry is not. [JoeBucsFan]


DURHAM 11, Buffalo 7. Alex Torres struck out 8 in 4.1 innings, but also gave up 6 hits and walks, leading to 5 runs. His ERA is now 3.52…Wil Myers hit his 7th home run. He also added a double and drove in 5. He’s hitting .263

Jackson 9, MONTGOMERY 3. Mikie Mahtook went 0-3, dropping his average to .228.

CHARLOTTE. no game scheduled

Fort Wayne 5, BOWLING GREEN 4. Jeff Ames allowed 4 runs on 11 hits and 2 walks in just 5 innings.





  1. Dave L says:

    Remember this, of the two potential guys to be called up to start Odorizzi was judged to be better prepared to succeed than Archer.

    I think Odorizzi has the aresenal to be a good starter one day in the future when he gets more seasoning. He's just not ready yet. That was a bonified AAAA lineup to to bottom the Marlins from 1 through 9.

    I hope Price gets better quick. I like Odorizzi's potential just not now.

    Anybody but Hernandez in his next start is not an answer. Archer has averaged 5 innings per start. Last year in six starts for the Rays he averaged less than 5. And remember when things go south on our young spot starters they get the quick hook from the Rays before the runs start piling up to protect them.

    What if Archer comes up and he is no more effective than Hernandez? Whats the plan C?

    You can say well at least we tried, but the Rays candid answer is we would rather have Hernandez out there getting hammered than Archer every fifth day.Hes a big boy he can take it and he's getting paid well

    Hernandez has a 5,73 era and as Mr; Smith noted we are spoiled lately by having quality starters.

    I am not back on the bandwagon but the answers here aren't simple.

    Everyone thinks we have better options but the cold truth is we may not.

    • Lane Meyer says:

      Dave, Archer's innings have purposely been capped at 5 this season in Durham whether he has done well or not. I think they are keeping his innings low to save him for a call up in case of long term injuries or total failure by one of the starters. The latter is now coming to fruition with FauBerto and we may see him sooner than later after another meltdown or two.

      • Dave L says:

        Could you source that please Lane?

        I heard the opposite from Neal Solandz on the Rays post game driving back from the Trop a couple of weeks ago. He claimed it was due to pitch count. Neal was a Durham announcer for years and seems to have good sources and still talk to Charlie Montoya regularly.

        So thats my source.

        I look at baseball reference.com and they dont have ML pitch counts. Where can we get MiLB pitch counts anyone?

        I see no indication that DP will make his next start. I would expect Archer to have to cover for Price even if Fausto spontaneously combusts on his next outing.

  2. Gus says:

    Archer "won" the 5th job in spring training -- he was better than Neiman or Hernandez, but had no chance to make the roster beause of $. Ordorizzi was called up for service time reasons and because he was in the same rest sequence as Price. Moreover, young pitchers are going to get better. I'm not ready to give up on Ordorizzi after just two starts, but he'll need to show some improvement in his next one or Archer should get the call, as these starts should be the audition to replace Hernandez. The Rays are 2-8 in Hernandez's 10 starts. They are giving away the division out of the 5 hole.

  3. Mr.Smith 1980 says:

    Dave L makes some valid points. The Rays have many complex scenarios to play out in regard to when and whom they should call-up. To a fan it's easy to say/think, "Hey Archer is the best of the bunch he should be pitching instead of Odorizzi or Hernandez", but from an organizational standpoint there are many different factors in play. Patience is critical in baseball and even more specifically so with (young) pitchers.

    I'm headed to Mexico tonight and anticipate coming home to see the Rays have won 5 of 7 while I was gone (they play 3 v Miami, 3 v. Cleveland and 1 v. Detroit while I'm gone), and holding a decent record of 31-26.

    Then if they can get a series win v. Detroit and 2 of 3 against Baltimore then 2 of 3 against Boston they will be sitting in the catbird seat at 37-29 by mid-June and ready for a 4 game series with KC.
    Sounds easy.

  4. Don says:

    Rays have run right into a "soft spot" in their schedule (good timing after a couple of collapses), AAA Miami...can't beat anyone in ML now, and Cleveland is headed for the bottom where they belong after riding a Tito Fran. new era high....they SHOULD win 7.... less than 6 would be a disaster....then they face the "big boys" with a chance....but get it NOW or back to square 1...

    • JJ says:

      True enough Don, the Rays do catch a break after a brutal April-May schedule. However, by my count, they still play the AL East 15 times in the month of June. Winning less than 10 of those contests would be troublesome.


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