James Shields recently put his Pinellas County home on the market. On the next few pages, we’ll take a tour of the home, which can be yours for just $1.15 million

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  1. Michael says:

    Pretty nice. Seems a notch high though in this market

  2. Don says:

    See what being able to throw a baseball gets you in the U.S., If he was a brain Surgeon, saving lives everyday he would be living in a $500,000 shack in Tampa..

  3. Dave L says:

    Hopefully with his KC money coming he can at least afford something on the water.

    Not even a scenic view? I’ll pass. Just a bunch of pleasent valley Sunday neighbors to look at.

    In real estate its the same as with pitchers fastballs…

    Location, location and location

  4. Mike says:

    That is a long drive to work, and not on the water or a golf course? Shields could have done a lot better. I hope he has a better real estate agent in KC.

  5. Don says:

    What is it with Wanabes always wanting to live “on the water”or on a”golfcourse”
    Not all what its trumped up to be to sell to unknowing,, dumb,Yankee transplants…

    • Dave L says:

      Yes it is what its trumped up to be. Its nice looking out back and seeing water or the expanse of a golf course. It gives you a sense of privacy.

      But Im glad you are contented looking at your 3 neighbors trailers.

      • Don says:

        Was it like that “Up north” before you moved down here, to live “on the Water” whens the last time you Looked out the window ”at the water”…..you got “privacy”? or just living the mirage now that you are in Florida

        • Dave L says:

          House overlooks the bay. Condo overlooks the intercoastal.

          Your knowledge of real estate is even weaker than your knowledge of the Rays.

          Property values are always higher on the water. Why am I not surprised you didn’t know that?

          Are you still in middle school? You argue and think like an adolescent – picking fights about subjects that you are over your head in.

          • Don says:

            I loved Middle School I used to Bully guys like you when you raised your hand and said something stupid about what you “wished” to be true…but you still do, so I will keep bullying you until you understand..Mr. waterfront

  6. Beazy says:

    CORK! Aha, can we finally get a simple slideshow opposed to the ever page loading way of looking at the pics you post????? Please

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