Playing A Little Pepper

Rays’ next themed road trip will be camo. And of course, Luke Scott is happy about it…Tonight is just the third matchup in MLB history between the reigning Cy Young winners…David Price’s ERA has already dropped from 6.25 to 5.24 today and the game hasn’t even started. That’s because MLB reversed an official scorer’s ruling changing a hit to a Ben Zobrist error, turning 4 earned runs into unearned runs…James Loney has 32 hits in his last 20 games and leads the AL in hitting. The last 3 Rays players to lead the AL this late in the season were Jason Bartlett, BJ Upton, and Matt Joyce.

Game Graph

[Will be up at game time]

Source: FanGraphs


  1. Flash Jennings, CF
  2. Kelly Johnson, LF
  3. Ben Zobrist, 2B
  4. Evan Longoria, 3B
  5. James Loney, 1B
  6. Matt Joyce, RF
  7. Luke Scott, DH
  8. Jose Molina, C
  9. Yunel Escobar, SS
  10. David Price, SP




  1. Rob says:

    Not only are they facing each other coming off their Cy Young seasons, they actually faced each other during their Cy Young seasons, a game in which Dickey pitched a complete game one-hitter, a single by Upton.

  2. Dave L says:

    Watch the slow-mo on Dickey knuckler early. If its barely rotating he's on.

    If its 4 or 5 rotations before it reaches the plate he's hittable.

    Its reigning Cy winners but its more like the resistable force meeting the movable object.

    Hopefully David starts clicking. Just stay away from Joe the Baptist. He's hit the GOOD Price pretty well. Since now we have a mortal Price watch out.


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