Here’s the home run with DeWayne Staat’s call on television. Below you can see the home run with the Rays Radio call…

Rays Radio call…



  1. Ken says:

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Square peg, round hole. Maddon continues to inject his ego into ball games resulting in more drama than there needs to be. I don’t want to detract from Longo’s ability here, huge props to one of the best clutch hitters we rays fans will ever see. But, and this is a big but, why hang Hellboy out to dry in the 7th, he should have been out of there after the Padres had men on 1st and 2nd. In the last 34 games Maddon had pulled the starter in many such situations. “I wanted to give him a chance to win the game” How many times have we heard that? Hellboy had thrown 105 pitches before the scratch single loaded the bases. They were keying on his change-up. No way he faces that guy. Bring in McGee/Ramos to get the lefty out. These games aren’t about you Joe. Be consistent, none of us like your intuitive quirks.

    • Dave L says:

      McGee? Seriously?

      Ramos looked good tonight in hindsight.

      But warming up was Jamie Wright our reliever with the best results lately. He proceeded to lay an egg. He was our next option.

      Wrights Splits against RHB are way worse than lefties. So you would bring in one of two lefties to face a light hitting RHB? Seriously?
      Guzman had zero home runs all year?

      Helli is in effect our #2 starter. Since his rookie season he has always pitched better when guys get on base. This year not so much, but you have to let your #2 starter on a top rotation get himself out of jams he creates when the options favor him.

      Your criticism is outcomes based second guessing at its most illogical.

      Also that was our fourth straight win.

      That was your first take?


      • Ken says:

        Very seriously. Men on first and second, two out, a light hitting left handed hitter (Amarista) coming to bat, Hellickson had already thrown 105 pitches at that point, I’d bring in a lefty every time. Pay attention to the game before popping off Dave.

        • Dave L says:

          Amarista made typical Helli weak contact and it dribbled to Longo you bring in a lefty for that guy?. Its not like Helli was getting tagged. You dont take out your #2 Pitcher for a lefty specialist for an Amarista.

          The only ego here is yours Ken. Coming in here after a win with silly hindsight second guessing. Lets see if anyone agrees with you.

    • Marc says:

      Inject his ego? His ‘ego’ has nothing to do with it. Maddon thought he was making the right call and he didn’t, it burned them. How did you come up with that? Maddon would be the last person on the team to do something like that. It’s so easy to be a fan and think you can make the right calls. Hellickson gets out of the inning we move on and never think back.

      • Ken says:

        From DRays Bay: Maddon was incensed with Hellickson following the game, saying about his performance “That’s inappropriate. That’s got to stop. We’re better than that.”
        I contend that Joe was really pissed at himself for not making a move when Amarista came up to bat. Maddon often tries to force a situation based on his “gut” and last night he failed. Blaming Hellboy is a cop out JoMa. 99 out of 100 times you make the move. Trying to “force” a young pitcher over the hump is simply wrong, and, in my opinion, very egocentric.

        • Dave L says:

          He wasnt incensed. Did you listen to the interview??

          I listened to his post game. He had no problem with his call.

          The only problem identified was his pitch selection. 7 straight breaking balls.

        • KT says:

          Wow Ken, you’re like Don but with slightly better typing skills. “Injecting ego” is one of the dumber things I’ve ever read on here

        • Bill says:

          I looked up “Egocentrism” and here’s what I found. The last bit is most telling:

          Egocentrism is characterized by preoccupation with one’s own internal world. Egocentrics regard themselves and their own opinions or interests as being the most important or valid. Self-relevant information is seen to be more important in shaping one’s judgments than do thoughts about others and other-relevant information. Egocentric people are unable to fully understand or to cope with other people’s opinions and the fact that reality can be different from what they are ready to accept. See Don and/or Ken on Rays Index.

    • Bill says:

      Long ball McGee, good one. Not even gonna counter that with a serious reply.

      Ramos was lights out for two plus. But who knew? Wasting him as a lefty specialist on Amarista could have had worse results, might have had better. Too easy to second guess. But the end result is we stayed within 1 to give our big sticks to have a chance. They came through. Many teams ask for only that. What is there to second guess?

  2. Dave L says:

    We just got back from the game.


    What a roller coaster/

    3-0 in games attended live this year, maybe thats why i’m so perpetually optimistic?

    .500 never felt so good.

    Longo is on fire. Healthiest he’s been since 2008.

  3. Beazy says:

    I can watch/listen to that over & over…

  4. Don says:

    Ok , i’m awake flipping back and forth between baseball & golf….Maddon egocentric…maybe…..a little more on ” I’m the boss and I know Best NO matter what anyone thinks.”…and walking scared about his JOb (but Cheap labor saves that)…If you seen Maddons face before , during and after Hellboys & Wrights fiasco …
    You know what I mean….watch Him(his face) its worth what I payed for a 50′screen..
    Repeat: without Zobrist….Rays lose again…Longo doesn’t even hit…stories untold

  5. Don says:

    Watching the game….and my old little league coach just rolled over in his grave,Fulk on 3rd no outs, fly ball to left field… Him (and Foley coaching) go halfway down the line to home…what for? STAND ON THE BAG…Miss or catch Fulk scores……but double play next two hitters he doesn’t Score …..Are you Kidding ME!!!! You MORONS….
    Hope They don’t lose by one (1)

    • Dave L says:

      Sorry to disappoint. We won our fifth straight.

      For us fans thats a good thing.

    • Bill says:

      Wow, we’re in the hunt even though we all suck, our manager is an idiot, our base coach is Tom Fooley, Longo is egotistical, Little League teams are better and I’m sure I’m leaving several things out. Just imaging how good this team will be with a little luck on its side. All I can do is thank god that one in a while the Rays’ leadership trolls RI for some good ole Doomsday Donny advice.

  6. Ken says:

    Top of 7, 5/12/2013 Rays lead 3-2, McGee vs Amarista, 6 pitches, result, pop out to short. Now Maddon’s a genius, right apologists?

    • Dave L says:

      Poor you and Don.

      Your entire point of watching Rays baseball is to ‘prove’ you are smarter than the manager.

      Five game win streak must be tough on you.

    • Bill says:

      You’re a genius, Ken. We yield to the pomposity of your superfluity. I’d try to explain small sample size to you, but based upon the your comments I think you’re familiar with the concept of small size.

  7. Geoff Peterson says:

    Donny Doom has so little to talk about when the Rays are winning. It must be lonely in the bomb shelter with all his canned goods when he has nothing negative to say.

  8. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    I went from steaming like an old locomotive to ecstatic in about 0.25 seconds. THAT is what is so great about America’s pastime!

    Although blowing another lead just about cost me my sanity.

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