Josh SaleJosh Sale has been suspended indefinitely by the Rays for “conduct detrimental to the organization” according to Marc Topkin (via Twitter).

This comes after Sale made comments on his Facebook page about getting kicked out of a strip club for throwing coins at a “hoe” (his word to describe a stripper).

Of course, Sale wasn’t playing anyway since he had yet to be reactivated following his 50-game suspension for failing a drug test. So now he has more free time to spend at strip clubs.

Of course, it is surprising that Sale was suspended at all. Prospect Andrew Bellatti was convicted of vehicular manslaughter, sentenced to eight months in jail, and was never was disciplined at all.

So if you are scoring at home:

  • Brag on Facebook about getting kicked out of a strip club? Receive an indefinite suspension
  • Drive recklessly and kill another driver? No punishment


  1. Lane Meyer says:

    Josh Hamilton 2.0

    Look for him to find Jesus in the near future

  2. Mike says:

    I'm all for sending a message, but this is pretty hypocritical of the org if this lasts more than a couple weeks.

    They currently employ a rapist and a homophobe and have had two wife beaters on past teams(Lugo, Aybar).

    The kid is obviously an idiot, but kids in their early 20's do dumb things sometimes. Especially when they are drunk. I'm not saying he shouldn't go unpunished, but this seems a little harsh.

    • Bill says:

      They do not employ a rapist, if you are once again referring to Lueke. He was prosecuted by our legal system of a crime (not rape) that committed long before they acquired him. And he paid whatever dues the legal system called for.

      Sale is something else altogether. He did this while employed by the organization, and I would bet lots of money that he has been counseled on it before.

    • Bill says:

      Oh yeah, and this like a day after finishing his 50 game suspension for testing positive for meth.


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