Josh SaleJosh Sale hasn’t done much well since being drafted in the first round of the 2010 draft (no. 17 overall). But once again, he is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Sale was eligible to return from a 50-game suspension for testing positive for amphetamines a week ago. However, he hasn’t appeared in a game because he supposedly has a stomach virus.  And yet, at some point last night, Josh Sale may have been kicked out of a strip club for throwing coins at a dancer and nearly making her cry, according to Tom Ley of

And how do we know this? Because apparently Sale bragged about it on Facebook.  Here is a screengrab that was allegedly taken of Sale’s Facebook page last night…


So, Sale, who has yet to advance past low single-A in three years since being drafted, is not well enough to play baseball. But he is well enough to throw coins at strippers, call them “hoes,” and then brag about it on Facebook. Not the smartest kid ever.

[UPDATE] Sale has deleted the above post. He has since added a post that simply says “sorry about that everyone.”



  1. Don says:

    Little tired of Rays Drug addict & alcoholic young players, and People were surprise they couldn't handle Josh Hamilton....I wasn't.....who's running the minor league players (after game) parties anyway?....Joe Maddon.....

  2. JJ says:

    I hope he saved enough of his signing bonus to get into another line of work. I have an upset stomach just looking at the picture. What a jerk.

    • Greg says:

      Very true. In addition to being a jerk, he doesn't appear to know the difference between "your" and you're". Not holding out a lot of hope for his post-baseball career in business. Hey Josh, "your" an idiot.

  3. Dave L says:

    I didn't think they had strip clubs in Rotund. If so it must be a a pretty low budget place.

  4. Beth says:

    I hope if he ever does get back on the baseball field, fans toss some loose change his way, and then use social media to document his reaction.

  5. John W says:

    Amazing... this nimrod is such an idiot that he leaves his FB open to the public... .

    I guess that .238 minor league career BA hasn't helped his IQ any. Not to mention the 50 game suspension... No wonder the Rays have to trade for hitters when they've drafted inked up clowns like this....

  6. Gus says:

    After drafting Longo and Price (and maybe Wade Townsend depending on who you think was controlling the draft in 2005), the Rays braniacs have been pretty poor in the first round, if not downright horrible:

    2008: Tim Beckham Shortstop(Griffin, Georgia) 1 -- May be one of 3 overall No.1's to never make the majors; drug suspension. He doesn't get on base and he has no power and he's in his 6th year in the minors. No longer a top prospect, whatever that means. About ready to declare a failure.

    2009 LeVon Washington* Second baseman Gainesville, Florida, 30. Never signed. Dad says the Rays did him wrong. Still in A ball with Cleveland. A failure.

    2010 Josh Sale Outfielder (Seattle, Washington) 17 -- on his way out of the organization? Looks that way, and the dancers of Dale Mabry can all breath a sigh of relief. A failure.

    2010 Justin O'Conner Catcher (Cowan, Indiana) 31 -- showing no offense in A ball whatsoever in an organization desperate for catching help. Looks like a miss.

    2010 Drew Vettieson Outfielder (Silverdale, Washington) -- played lots of spring training games with the big club in 2013, so maybe they think they have something there, but for the life of me, I can't see it.

    2011 Taylor Guerrieri P (Columbia, South Carolina) 24 -- the next Nuke LaLoosh? Could be the next big arm. Hoping for a hit here.

    2011Mikie Mahtook Outfielder (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) 31 -- destined for platoon status if he makes it, which is still a big if.

    2011 Jake Hager Shortstop (Spring Valley, Nevada) Also hung around the big club in the spring; more likely than Beckham to be the Rays SS of the future if Lee can't make it. I'm more hopeful here.

    That is a pretty dismal track record at the top of the draft. I understand that not all the returns are in, but shouldn't somebody be held accountable for the big misses in the draft?

    • JJ says:

      Nice analysis Gus. I'm a recent transplant from the Pittsburgh area so not really that familiar with Rays. Talk up in Pirate land centered around the brilliance of the Rays front office vs that of the Pirates. My ex fav team also has had it's share of draft blunders in recent years but now are seeing the benefit of some of the down the line draft choices. Any chance the Rays also have some talent close other than those mentioned?

  7. DALE says:

    wow. what a man... ha! with his trashy behavior and ignorance ("hoe" and "your"), sounds like he's quite the catch! for a fling where you're so depressed you hook up with any piece of meat.

  8. Jerry says:

    Justin O'Connor keeps getting better each year, not to mention that last spring training game with the Rays. He takes a lot of chances with that "gun" on pickoffs but most of the time it pays off. I follow each game he plays and he is going to keep advancing !


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