Joe is back with his postgame thoughts …

Josh Lueke walked three batters in the seventh today and somehow Joe Maddon thought was in the best interest of the Rays to let him keep struggling and face Edwin Encarnacion with the bases loaded.

Bases cleared. Game over. Bad decision. Reboot the computer.

The peaceful optimist in Joe says this was a game the Rays had little chance to win anyway, with Jake Odorizzi facing R.A. Dickey in Toronto, but that wasn’t the case by the seventh.

The bullpen collapsed again, wasting opportunistic hitting by the Rays in the 7-5 loss and choking enough to make a horrendous call against the Rays not even matter.

On the upside, Blue Jays fans’ vocal hatred of Yunel Escobar made Joe feel better about the Rays shortstop.





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  1. sidearmjustice says:

    I honestly didn't mind Maddon's decision to leave Lueke in, considering that Farnsworth was the reliever warming up and he hasn't been throwing the ball with any kind of velocity and location.


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