Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

Fernando Rodney moaned about “one pitch” costing the Rays and him in the Sox debacle on Thursday night. So it was fitting that one pitch really turned the Rays to wacky 12-10 win in Baltimore on Friday.

In the third inning, Kelly Johnson looked at an absolutely sure strike-3 with two outs, but the home plate umpire choked in the Rays’ favor and Johnson drilled the next Jason Hammell pitch for a three-run homer.

What a beautiful thing.

Joe felt like a couple of early-season wrongs were righted there by the baseball gods.

So when is the Derek Shelton statue going to be erected?

The Rays went 17-for-39 at the plate Friday, plus five walks, and they’re actually a well-above average hitting team at this point. It’s no typo that the Rays are 11th in batting average, fourth in OBP, and eighth in runs scored in MLB.

Luke Scott continues to look like a polished hitter — though not on the bases — and even Yunel Escobar has climbed out of Karlos Pena territory.

The Rays don’t look like the Rays. Joe can’t figure out if that’s a good thing or not.






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  1. Allen says:

    It used to be one could feel confident if the Rays scored 2 or 3 runs, they'd win the game, or most of them. That's no longer the case. Now, it feels like we've got to score eight to twelve runs to have any confidence of a win. We have longed for years to see a potent offense. We now have one, but I don't think we are confident it will continue. Thus, we feel very vulnerable. We can kinda count on Moore and Cobb but after those two what do we have? Something was wrong with Price before his recent finger flexing. Hernandez is good for five or six good games a year. And we have perhaps only two men in the pen who don't cause us to sweat drops of fear when they take the mound.

    I guess that's just the way it is in baseball----except for the Yankees. They should be in last place with all their injuries and over-the-hill players.

    I awoke around 4:00am Saturday from a horrific dream. I dreamed the Rays were in a final game to decide the AL champion. We win this game or go home. Taking the mound for us was our old friend, Andy Sonnanstine. After the first seven batters in the first, I awoke. It wasn't Andy on the mound after all and I was relieved. Then I could see it was Hellickson. What's the difference? He's my biggest disappointment so far this year.


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