Joe is back with his postgame thoughts …

Forget about crazy Alex Cobb having one of the wackiest outings in baseball history tonight. Forget about the bullpen looking like the 2012 edition — again. For this night, Joe’s got to acknowledge what Evan Longoria continues to do at the plate.

Every which way the stat geeks carve up Dirtbag’s season, he’s killing it. Tonight was his third consecutive multi-hit game, as the Rays beat the Padres 6-3.

It’s not often a team essentially drops its offense on one guy’s shoulders — and a surgically repaired hamstring — and he delivers. And whaddya know, Longoria hasn’t crumbled playing in every game. How is that possible, Mr. Maddon?

A small handful of Rays are having special seasons, including Cobb, who was angry all night and walked off pissed off with 13 strikeouts after 4 2/3 innings. But all the losing has made it too easy to overlook Longoria’s greatness.

If he can keep up this next-level season, it’s going to be almost impossible to keep the Rays out of the hunt. The pitching eventually will right itself, something we’re in the midst of now.







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  1. Ken says:

    Longo looks way comfy at the plate right now. I swear he knew exactly where the ball was going on all of his AB's last night. I, and many other Rays fans, have been waiting 2 years to ride this bus. Hope it's an express all the way through the season. GO RAYS.


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