Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

The table was set perfectly for Matt Moore to pull a Humpty Dumpty and fall to pieces en route to his first loss of the season against the hated Red Sox tonight. But Moore wouldn’t play along.

David Ortiz clobbering a three-run homer in the first inning was met by Moore retiring the next 12 batters. Then Moore flashed his maturity again in the sixth, bearing down after a leadoff walk. The bullpen did the rest with a 5-3 lead entering the seventh.

Joe thinks this might have been the biggest step yet for Moore.

Yeah, he’s been dynamite all season, 7-0 now, but there aren’t a lot 23-year-olds who can dig out of an early hole with that kind of confidence and cool. It felt like a new level for a young guy who used to be a lot more flappable.

Maybe nothing should be surprising on night that Yunel Esobar and Jose Molina combine to go 5-for-6 with two RBIs, but what Moore did had nothing to do with luck or smiling baseball gods.

We’re witnessing a historic start that looks like it’s going to have a special finish.





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