Joe is back with his postgame thoughts… 

Joe’s about had it with (the bad) Roberto Hernandez. This guy is getting lit up time and again and with the scant percentage the Rays have at returning to the pennant race, the Rays cannot have a starter throwing batting practice like this slug has been doing of late.

Joe would rather have the good Roberto Hernandez, an original Devil Rays closer, start even though he hasn’t pitched in six years and is 48-years old. In his last five starts, the bad Roberto Hernandez has coughed up 18 runs.  This is simply not acceptable.

Joe has heard how this guy, the bad Roberto Hernandez, is good at eating up innings. Hell, anyone’s grandmother can pitch on the mound for five or six or eight innings so long as a manager never yanks them. “Eating innings” is a misused stat (of course). It’s about getting guys out. And the bad Roberto Hernandez cannot.

Exactly why is Chris Archer languishing in Durham when this slug, the bad Roberto Hernandez, is coughing up games with the parent squad?



  1. Jimmy Delach says:

    Joe, Maybe calling him by his former name – Fausto Carmona – would help.

  2. Tone says:

    I respect the organization, but I really cannot stand how they tend to stick with terrible players far too long. Burrell, Matsui, Sonny, Percival, and now Hernandez. I was not happy this guy got signed in the first place, but was willing to see if magic could be had; well, no magic. Pitching needs some shake ups.

    • OriginalTom says:

      In the Rays defense, they stuck with Zobrist when after the 2007 season he had a .200 BA with an OBP in the .230′s through 280 at bats and that worked out pretty well. They also stuck with Shields after his 5.18 ERA in 2010 when people were screaming to get rid of him and Shields finished 3rd in the CY Young the next season. Of course Shield had a solid track record.

      • Tone says:

        Zobrist only got a chance because Akinori was injured, so to laud them for that is not entirely merited. Pena was a similar case; his 2007 chance came only due to Norton’s injury. Don’t get me wrong, they have done so much good and created a fantastic organizational culture; but they lay their fair share of turds and criticism is justified. Hernandez is a turd. Luckily he did not cost as much as Burrell; cut bait.

      • Tone says:

        Also, Shields is not a fair comparison. That would be more like calling for Hellickson to be shipped out, which no one seems to be doing. Hellickson and Shields do have a track record of success, Hernandez has 2007 and tons of suck.

  3. Ken says:

    Just got home from the game. Had Press Level seats right behind the plate. Hernandez and Torres were horrible and both were tipping their off speed pitches. In fact, a Yankee fan behind me correctly called almost every offering as they delivered the pitch. Maddon gave up in the third. This team, as presently comprised, is a .500 club any way you cut it. Who else besides me is starting to regret the Shields/Davis trade?
    If things don’t improve by the All-Star break, Maddon and his uber-loyal support of mediocre players (Fuld, Hernandez, Molina, Lobaton, Rodriguez, Roberts should be sent packing. There’s no cute in baseball Joe.

    • pete says:

      Ken , Cool down a bit. Fausto and Ramos were horrible tonight. You can’t just dump 6 guys and replace them with guys from Durham that aren’t ready. The only guy who needs gone off the team is Farsworth. That opens the door to move Fausto to the pen and keep Odorizzi in the rotation when and if Price returns.

      We have some serious holes on this team , I’ll give you that. If Moore and Cobb win the next 2 then the sky won’t be falling anymore.

    • Dave L says:

      You made some good angry points until you brought out the guillotine for 1/6 of the roster.

      After summary execution of both our catchers, with a farm system with zero MLB ready catchers beyond Jimmy Nez. who i like by the way ,but sports a .700 OPS in AAA versus our present cathers .600 OPS vs MLB pitching. whats your plan?

      A real GM has to have guys to replace players.

      Who replaces Roberts and Sean?

      • Ken says:

        Replying to both Pete and Dave L: I should have clarified a bit. Maddon goes first. His inconsistent management style and his tongue in cheek wise ass assessments of each game have grown stale. He walks Cano tonight yet lets Farnsworth face Bautista on Thursday. He lets Hellickson throw 117 pitches yet consistently pulls Cobb and Moore once they hit 100. He tinkers with the lineup way too much. He relishes being “unconventional” yet never takes the blame for his FUBARS. His club house management style has already brought negative comments from newcomers Loney and KJ.
        No, I wouldn’t suggest dispatching all six mentioned in one fell swoop. Fuld must go though. We really can’t afford a .170 LH hitting outfielder. Myers or Guyer need to be up. SRod, he sucks, give Beckham a shot. Granted, we’re stuck at catcher, but I can live with Molobaton for now. Roberts, he’s fine as an occasional insert but that’s it.
        1/3th of the season is here. The sky may not be falling but it’s been pretty cloudy so far. What is the plan? Hurry up and wait? Good luck with that.

        • OriginalTom says:

          What negative comments have KJ and Loney made? I missed that.

          • Ken says:

            Tweeted by M. Topkin after the latest clubhouse party following Rodney’s blown save in Toronto.

          • Steve says:

            I haven’t heard negative comments from anyone. Loney is recently quoted saying how much he likes the environment/atmosphere compared to other clubhouses.

        • OriginalTom says:

          You think Beckham is better than Srod? Srod has a .268/
          .339/.411 line so far this season. He is obviously playing a bit over his head. I think with SRod people focus on his weaknesses (cannot hit right handed pitching, cannot play the left side of the infield) and not on his strengths (can hit lefties, excellent D at first and second and can play all 3 outfield positions well).He is a limited player and certainly not a full time player, but he is a useful bench player. I do not think you should replace him unless you have someone better than Srod and I do not think Beckham is that player. At least not yet.

  4. Rob says:

    Mr. Smith,

    Remember this thread:

    March 29, 2013 at 11:28 am
    I predict Hernandez goes 1-4 in 9 starts with a 4.5+ ERA and gets released.

    MR.SMITH 1980
    March 29, 2013 at 1:06 pm
    I predict that your prediction is just ridiculous. A more realistic expectation for his first 9 starts would be 3-3 with a 3.5- 4.0 … no one is saying he’s the next Verlander, but a #5 who can hold court with numbers like that is plenty good enough.

    March 29, 2013 at 4:12 pm
    I respect your opinion and admit what you just described could happen, and I would be happy with that. I just think there are too many variables with this guy and that sort of scares me. I agree 1-4 is pessimistic, but I also think 3-3 is optimistic and reality will be something in between.

    MR.SMITH 1980
    March 29, 2013 at 7:24 pm
    I suppose the wisest move would be to revisit this in May…”

    Well, it’s May and Hernandez is 2-5 with a 5.73 ERA after 9 starts. Let’s hope my other prediction that he gets released also comes true.

    • Mr.Smith 1980 says:

      Yep. I was wrong. And it’s a dirty, rotten shame. He has been absolutely atrocious.

      • Gus says:

        Congrats on seeing the light. Many of us saw it in spring training and in years of baseball watching. No amount of swing and miss stats are going to convince me a fraudulent journeyman is going to be a reliable starter in al east.

  5. Dave L says:

    As the driver of the Fausto Bus and the biggest booster of bringing him here I have to come in and take my lumps. His confidence is completely shot. He has no business taking his next spot in the rotation v. the lowly Marlins at this point.

    Although he hasnt necessarily justified a call up based on performance in Durham necessarily, I would rather see Archer build his confidence in the bigs against the weak Marlins bats than those same bats build confidence against a defeated and deflated Hernandez.

    The Rays took alot of gambles in the off season as always. When Niemann went down, the need for a replacement veteran starter who could log innings was justified.

    Hernandez was a reasonable gamble at the budget AF was afforded. So far it has failed.

    They have confidence in thier ability to reclaim pitchers of a certain make up and make them effective. This time it hasnt worked.

    We were at that game tonite and it wasn’t pretty live. I buy a bunch of games in the spring in advance. Based on RH horrific lifetime numbers vs current Yanks bats I certainly wouldnt have walked up for this one.

    Im pulling the bus over getting out of the driver seat and handing the keys over to Mr. Smith. I will walk home from here.

    But hey look on the bright side we managed to wreck the Grandy man’s hand and probably sidelined Phelps for a brief spell as well. It was a pyrrhic victory for the Yanks!

    • Ken says:

      Now there’s a formula for success. Let’s just throw at Cano, Ortiz, Bautista, Pedroia, Jones, Davis, and Weiters till we put all of them on the DL.

      • Dave L says:

        I wasn’t suggesting it or reveling in it. Just mentioning it as a sardonic aside to a bad night.

        Its cold hard reality. T chart pluses versus minuses

        I deal here in the possible and the realistic and the financially feasable, presently AND long term.

        When you suggest firing 1/6 of the roster, then correct yourself but then up the ante with canning Maddon in May………..well…..Don has found a soulmate who can actually communicate in the written english.

        • Ken says:

          Canning Maddon in July not May. Sardonic asides aside, I still ask of optimistic Rays fans like you, what’s the formula for possible improvement? You deal in the realistic? Tell me what Fuld is doing on this team besides educating JoMa on sabermetrics? Financially, a 62.5 million dollar payroll will only get you to the Series if all planets are in alignment. We had our shot in 2008. It won’t happen at 62.5 again. The future? How long will MLB tolerate a city drawing maybe 25,000 against the Yanks before the plug is pulled?
          Have you noticed that on 3 occasions this year Durham actually out drew us?
          You deal with rays colored glasses on.

          • Tone says:

            Marlins have done it twice. The real issue in my mind lies in following “the process” to a point of insanity. The Marlins brought Miggy up young and for good reason. The Rays need to let go of the concept of holding guys down so long. I would rather have a World Series and lose that special player that helped a few years later to free agency any day; he’s just going to free agency a year earlier. Roberto Hernandez should never have been in this rotation. Chris Archer should have been there from day one; nuff said.

    • Mr.Smith 1980 says:

      No sir. I jumped off that bus at about 7:25 last night. I’ve wasted my time defending Fauberto for too long. I can still see how the brain-trust can justify the signing, but alas it did not work.

      • Mr.Smith 1980 says:

        A few weeks ago I vowed not engage the troll anymore and I’ve been pitching the perfect game, so in the interest of preserving my no-hitter I’ll reply to myself:

        Hernandez was signed to a 1 year, 3.25 MM contract not a $5MM contract like some would imply.

        For a big league team to take a crack at a once-good starter for the discount bin price of less than $4MM is/was a smart gamble. It hasn’t paid-off, so to this point I was wrong in my defense of the signing, but the fundamental difference between me and certain other Rays’ fans is that I can own my mistakes.

        Now we just need the organization to put a time-frame with specific parameters on when and how to make a change in the rotation.

        • Ken says:

          Here you go Mr. Smith: Archer up now. Hernandez to the pen now. Any reliever with options down now. My prediction: Price won’t pitch until after the ALL-STAR break. By then it should be pretty apparent whether the seasons lost and if so, go with the young guys and entertain offers for Hellboy or Price.

    • Don says:

      Well once again Dave L, Friedman jr. and Mr. Smith don’t know what they are talking about with Frieman’s signings….Wish I would have keep my posts on the $5 mil signing of Noname and the Maddon give away of Niemanns Job… But there is a saying what goes around comes around..
      Hang on Rob you get more mindless posts and Useless signings for all those “RAYS EXPERTS”

  6. Ken says:

    TONE: On the money. And that’s the excuse we get from AF. What will happen once we lose the revenue sharing pot?

  7. Ken says:

    “Maddon does not anticipate discussing Hernandez removal from the rotation”, a tweet from M. Topkin. “Instead Maddon shifts the blame to Ramos for allowing 3 runs,” another tweet. Really Joe?

    • Mr.Smith 1980 says:

      If you read it right it could mean that a move is inevitable he just isn’t going to talk about it.

      • Ken says:

        Could also mean that Joe is a stubborn SOB who will never see the writing on the clubhouse wall. Can’t wait for his assessment of Rodney’s performance tonight. Yankees cheated, right Joe?

    • Don says:

      Maddon always tries to distract from reality… Do you really think he would say Friedman’s signing of Noname….Stinks….. and he really wanted Niemann to Start the season…Won’t happen If Noname loses 10 more in a row…you going to sit down the $4mil signee ( no bonus now) not on Friedmans watch

  8. Ken says:

    Rodney is tipping his change up. No way Boesch hits that to LF without looking for it.

  9. Ken says:

    Darn it. The Rays just can’t get any breaks. The umps won’t call strikes for our pitchers. The Yankees future HOF players (Boesch, Gardner, Overbay) get lucky hits. JoMa’s insistence on using the square peg in the round hole theory gets refuted once again by the baseball gods. There’s nothing wrong with this team, right? Just a streak of bad luck, right?

  10. Rob says:

    If Rodney doesn’t blow the 5 saves he’s blown (all with leads in the ninth by the way) the Rays would be 29-19 and a game out of first.

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