Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

Boy oh boy did the Rays need this.

No, it wasn’t a boatload of offense (thought Kelly Johnson and James Loney did bring the sticks).

No, it wasn’t starting pitcher (Matt Moore did that).

It was a bullpen. Finally.

Moore pitched strong. But as he is wont to do of late, he racked up a lot of early-game pitches and, thus, had to be pulled early. The way the Rays’ bullpen has coughed up leads of late, this was a bad sign.

Jamey Wright wasn’t exactly lockdown, giving up two runs by finally a Rays pitcher from the pen was able to keep the Jays off the board, Cesar Ramos. Hopefully, this is a season-long trend.

Now Joe knows that Merlot Joe said by the end of the season the Rays will have the best pen in the American League. That’s fine, but the Rays don’t need the best pen at the end of the season. The Rays need a solid pen now before they are out of the playoff hunt.



  1. Beazy says:

    "Bullpen (Finally) Comes Through", you mean the other 1/2 of our bullpen, not the 1/2 that suppose to come through...

  2. S says:

    so does MLB have the balls to fine Maddon? "oops sorry that that this crew has now completely fucked up on 3 obvious calls, but you were wrong for arguing against the umps". pay up.

    do i think that MLB tells the umps to hose the rays? no.
    do the umps have a hard-on for screwing the rays? some crews do
    would these same calls have happened against NYY or BOS? hell no

    it was interesting to watch the TOR broadcast last night. they were as politically correct as possible, yet they were in agreement that the rays had "issues" with some crews.

  3. Ken says:

    I totally disagree with "but you were wrong for arguing against the umps”. pay up." this statement. What was Maddon supposed to do? I suppose Selig would prefer that JoMa just shuffle his feet, grin sheepishly and say "No worry Dude, we all make mistakes".
    I think secretly taping certain ump crews' pre-game conversations would be revealing.
    I'd love to see this crew make those same calls in NY or Boston. They wouldn't get off the field in one piece.

  4. Don says:

    All in ALL , right or Wrong, Maddon Plays the "showman" part to the hilt any opportunity, maybe it makes him feel important or "doing his job"....
    But you show me any working person umpire or politician or truck driver who "likes" to be called out in public for their mistakes, and I'll show you a person who is looking for His chance ( at revenge)....Tell them BJ Upton

  5. Don says:

    I forgot: NBA referees admited in public Media they treated different players differently...Just waiting for certain players to do something they could call. to the point one Ex refree said he could predict that nights winner if he knew the team(players) and who the referees would be.


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