Joe is back with his postgame thoughts… 

Well, with the much-anticipated, rare match-up of reigning Cy Young Award winners, it wasn’t exactly Sandy Koufax vs. Bob Gibson, but David Price gutted his way through for a strong start over R.A. Dickey in a 10-inning win.

Thankfully, Merlot Joe let David Price out there, not yanking him when the 100-pitch bell rang for no other good reason other than to torment fans with Jake McGee.

Funny. The Rays have won consecutive games and McGee has never walked near the mound. Can you imagine?

As horrible as this four-game series with the Jays started off, it sure ended nicely with a split.



  1. Allen says:

    I believe if this team can develop any playing consistency, it would be well above .500 ball. It will still depend on pitching and the bullpen came through tonight.

    McGee may need to work on both his pitching and his head. He should do that somewhere in the organization other than Tampa. He was brilliant last year, and what strength would be added to this team if he returns to that form.

    The Rays would probably be wise to cool it with the umps.

    Go Rays! Go Braves!

  2. Rob says:

    Kazmir won again tonight - who would have thought a month and a half into the season that Kazmir would have more wins than Price?

    Nice game all around though for the good guys.

  3. Beazy says:

    Now only 4.5 out!

  4. Don says:

    Rays have many ways to win games, Walking in the winning run is just one of them.....they did it before in 20__....anyway a Victory is to be celebrated..where's the lattern....Scotts turn after driving in the winner...attaboy


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