Joe is back with this postgame thoughts…

Where has this been all year?

Man, Roberto Hernandez had a dynamite game. The Rays starter, who largely has stunk so far this year and seemed on the verge of packing his bags to Durham, N.C., had a dominant game in a 3-1 win over the Miami Marlins in the Fishtank.

Damn, Hernandez had really good movement on his pitches and a tremendous sinking pitch that the Marlins largely could not handle.  Pitching *this close* to a complete game, Hernandez faced 29 batters giving up just three hits while fanning five and walking none. Even though the dreaded pitch count was 92 and Hernandez gave up a ground ball single with two out, he got yanked by Merlot Joe for Fernando Rodney who gave up a rocket of a drive that Matt Joyce chased down in right field to end the game.

It would go a long way for the Rays if Hernandez can pitch more like he did tonight. While Joe is giddy with the outcome, Joe is taking a wait-and-see approach to see if Hernandez has turned the corner or not.



  1. Rob says:

    Wanted to be the first to say nice game Hernandez.

  2. Ken says:

    …and I’ll happily be second. Did anyone else nearly drop their beer on Dietrick’s long out to Joyce?

  3. Don says:

    OK, Noname proves he can hold the powerful Miami AAA team to 1 run…..
    Many big AL east games coming…. then we will see if he earns his contract…

    • Burn H. says:

      I see no problem, if he keeps his pitches down as he did last night. He should keep improving, as his body remembers their winning ways. The front office may have pulled another Rodney, Keppinger, Peralta, Farnsworth or J P Howell out of their hat.

    • Rob says:

      It really says a lot about Hellickson’s start the night before.

    • Bill says:

      I do occasionally (very occasionally) agree with Don. This is one of those occasions.

      However, get his name right, Don. It’s not Noname. He has more than one. It’s Bobby 2 Names, B2N for short.

  4. ed says:

    hey great game by hernandez, but i still don’t understand taking pitchers out under 100 pitches in the middle of an inning if they aren’t sucking. Can somebody please explain that to me, and is it me or does something seem kind of fishy that alex cobb just happen to cut his finger and now has to have his start pushed back, i know the rays have done this kind of thing before, to save innings i imagine, aaaaaa i love baseball, and this team. GOOO Rayyys

    • Bill says:

      Not sure I’m answering the question, but instead of looking at it as taking Bobby 2 Names out, look at it as putting Rodney in at the right time. Joe has shown willingness to use Rodney in non-save situations (4+ run leads) and also in more the 3 out situations. Rodney’s body language at those times seems to be negative, as in he doesn’t like it. Last night was the opposite side of the equation. I saw it as Joe saying, “OK, I’m going to use you in non-save situs and in 4+ out situs, but I’ll also let you go out and get some easy one out saves, too”. I think that can only have a positive impact on Rodney’s mentality right now.

      Yes, all of this aside, and Joe probably still would have yanked Bobby 2 Names. But B2N’s trend has been to cruise along, and then fall to pieces, going all the way back to spring training. Why take a chance on a close game ?

  5. Dave L says:

    They always seen to have a short leash for a starter in the ninth if a guy gets on base. He had been on cruise control with no baserunners since the forth.

    It all worked out and Rodney gets a cheap save,

    Just wait till today. When they interview Cobb his eyes will be darting all over the room and he will be squirming trying to explain his invisible bad nail. Just like Price and Helli last year. This stuff always happens during interleague play.

    • Burn H. says:

      You didn’t see his interview last night? Dwayne and Brian were having difficulty figuring out where and how the cut could effect his pitches. Alex took one for the team…

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