Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

Man, with the purported pitching excellence of the Rays, one would think seven runs in the first inning would lock up a win.

Nope. In fact, is it too early to suggest the Rays’ pitching is just a tad overrated? David Price is far from a Cy Young Award-winner this year and no, he can’t blame a foul-mouthed umpire for every loss. Then there is Hellboy, one of Joe’s favorites.

Quite simply for one of the alleged better young arms in the game, it is inexcusable to play around with a seven-run lead as if you are throwing batting practice to Lakewood High School the way Hellboy did tonight.

Speaking of high school, there’s Rays shortstop Yunel Escobar. A high school coach would have him run laps around the field after the game for his pathetic defense. If your shortstop is going to be a liability on defense, he had better hit close to .400. Last time Joe checked, Tony Gwynn, Stan Musial nor Willie Mays, Escobar ain’t.

And Joe is convinced the World Baseball Classic has Fernando Rodney all screwed up. Merlot Joe tried to coax five outs out of him to close the game and it was one out short.

Now what kind of a carnival act is Merlot Joe going to bring into the clubhouse? A ventriloquist? A mime? After tonight’s pathetic choke job, perhaps sacrificing that cockatiel that sat on Merlot Joe’s shoulder may be in order.



  1. Gus says:

    Perhaps this cluster of errors by molina and escobar will force management into action. Molina couldn't catch a fastball from rodney, costing him 3 strikes at critical times. The passed balls, ineffective throwing and groundouts are a given. Escobars hot dog act has worn out his welcome before. It will here eventually. He was bad defensively all season. Not just tonight.

    Yes hellickson and the bully must pitch better. But management is killing this team by replacing last years ss with a clown who just can't play anymore

  2. Mike says:

    Rodney actually got 6 outs, but his SS let him down.

  3. Don says:

    Wanta play the blame game I can probably single out 9 guys outta this game, but here's the deal: Rays sore 7 runs in ONE inning fine...Longo hits a grand slam happens once in awhile, Scott hits a HR happens 10x a year....
    What about the other 8 innings, 0 runs 3 hits, so you score 7 in one inning, game over, time for Joe Maddon party time...can't wait too start the lattern..
    Pathetic, a ship with no rudder is just wandering thru the water (game)

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Yeah, that Luke Scott guy couldn't hold a candle to Jeff Keppinger...

      • Don says:

        Season is 20% over and Scott hasn't won one game with the Rays.....that wouldn't have happened with Kepp. but the Mistakes are costly

  4. ed says:

    i hear joe is going to bring in a clown that makes balloon animals next, oh wait sorry i forgot im not aloud to make comments about merlot joe. lol i can't help myself. I love this site.

    • Don says:

      Ever hear a mother defend her son on death row...she holds nothing on Mr Smith and his Son Maddon, Pile on he deserves it.....


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