Joe is back with his postgame thoughts… 

Well, there goes the win-streak, snapped at six games. On the bright side, the Rays had a six-game win streak which pushed the Rays over .500 for the season.

Can’t win them all, but that’s not what Joe is upset about. Cy Young Award-winner and (until this season) the team’s ace had tightness in his triceps. Not good.

On the Rays’ TV postgame show, the rights holder tried to put a happy face on the injury claiming Price was pulled as a precautionary move. We’ll see.

It has been the season of nightmares for Price. First he’s just plain bad, with little fastball. Then he gets into a shouting (cursing?) match with a plate ump. Then he has allergies causing blurry vision (!). Now, his arm may be hurt.

Sadly, the Rays bullpen reverted to its early-season self and melted down in the 9-2 loss to the Blowsux.

What will Merlot Joe do now, have a monkey and an organ grinder in the clubhouse before tomorrow’s game?



  1. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    They were due for a stinker.

    Price to the 15-day DL may be just what the doctor ordered (literally) to get him back to where he needs to be mentally and physically.

    • Bill says:

      I was actually advocating a DL stint for Price before this "injury". Whether it was allergies or whatever, a 15 day DL stint, chance to get his head right, and a reset button on his season seem like a good think right now. And 1 or 2 starts for either Archer or Odorizzi could be good for either of them right now.


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