Matt Joyce hit what was initially ruled a double against the Orioles today.And in one of the stranger scenes you will see, both managers wanted the call changed.

Both Buck Showalter and the Orioles broadcast team initially thought it was a foul ball. But Joe Maddon and Matt Joyce thought it was a home run. After an extended conversation on the field, the umpires went to the replay and changed it to a home run (you can see the entire video here).

At issue was a small portion of the foul pole that is not painted yellow. That part of the pole is actually recessed from the wall. Replay seemed to show that the ball hit off the black portion and may have even left a mark…

5-19-2013 2-16-31 PM

Here is a GIF of the ball which seems to show it hitting the black portion..

And here is another view of what appears to be a mark left by a ball…

5-19-2013 2-55-55 PM



  1. KT says:

    Is something like that happened at the Trop the media would be all over what calamity it is. Paint that thing yellow B'More!

  2. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    I was convinced that it was a foul... I was wrong


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