They say throwing a ball overhand is the most unnatural thing we do in sports. Joel Peralta’s elbow shows us why that is.

The human arm is just not designed to throw a ball over our heads. And that’s why pitchers suffer so many shoulder and elbow injuries (clip via Fox Sports)…



  1. Rob says:


  2. Ian says:

    Throwing overhand is natural, injuries are from poor technique not from throwing naturally by bringing arm over the head.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Maybe I wasn't clear about what I meant by "unnatural." As somebody that has taught a university anatomy class, I can assure you that the human shoulder is not constructed to efficiently throw a ball overhead. An underhand throwing motion is much more natural and easier on the joint. This is why softball teams only need 1 or 2 pitchers and baseball pitchers need rest in between appearances. There is almost no strain on the shoulder (or elbow) when throwing underhand.

      And yes, injuries become more likely with poor mechanics. But as Mark Prior can confirm, you can have the most perfect mechanics ever and you can still suffer arm injuries throwing overhand.


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