In the top of the ninth inning of today’s loss to the Blue Jays, Yunel Escobar hit a 2-run home run that pulled the Rays within two. But it is what he did after the home run that left some people angry.

Escobar, as he was crossing home plate, made the “safe” sign in the direction of the fans. It was a move that Escobar makes after most home runs. However, this one felt a bit more emphatic considering the score and probably done in response to the boos he heard all afternoon.

The move may have been justified. But it is also easy to see why the Blue Jays, and even Joe Maddon, would not appreciate the move. And what you don’t want is for the wrong person or team to be offended and seek retribution. Because even if they are out of line, that is little consolation when a Rays player is on the DL with a broken wrist.

In the end, it just seems like a bit of a show-boat gesture that didn’t need to be done. In fact, Maddon told the media after the game that he would talk with Escobar and that we won’t see the gesture again



  1. Sarah says:

    Well, clearly, they didn't sign Yunel for his classiness. I'm glad most of the Ryas aren't like that.

  2. KT says:

    I have no problem with it. Dude's been hitting, finally, and we all knew ahead of time that he's got some "chrome" as Maddon usually words it. If he continues to hit, let the swagger offend the opposition, so long as it's not malicious.

  3. Dave says:

    I don't see the big deal. Pitchers go nuts after striking out a hitter to end innings and games all the time. I have no problem with celebrating a home run a little

  4. Don says:

    That guys a little cocky SOB...somewhat refreshing in the World of Rays cloned good guys....Maddon has NO right to "talk"to anyone for showboating....He does it everytime he wants to head to the showers and makes a"fool"of himself with trying to show up umpires (not fans/opposing players) which he should know is a losing game at best...but he does it anyway...that's my Joey

    • PetetheHat says:

      So you'd rather see more "cockiness" than "good guys"...what a Moron...and btw Maddon has every "right" in the world to talk to his players about actions, he's the BOSS on the field!!! And one more thing, it's the Umpires who are trying to make a name for themselves this year not Maddon arguing with them...I've never seen more blatant incorrect calls against one team in all my years of watching baseball!

  5. Sarah says:

    Dave, KT: had Escobar's home run won the game for the team, a bit of spontaneous celebration would have seemed approprriate. But in this context (Rays still two runs behind) it seemed showy and immature. But I guess I'm old school about these player antics. I don't like end zone victory dances in football, either. I'm not even a fan of Rodneys' shooting the arrow. Just shake hands and save the celebration for the clubhouse.

  6. Dave L says:


    Guy is trying to rally his team in the ninth. Cracks a homer after a long at bat. Escobar must have seen 60 pitches the last 2 games. Are you Rays fans watching the same games I watch?

    If that offfend's your sensibilities then you could pass a flax seed.

    Give me a break.

    He is batting .300 the last 30 days after a very weak start.

    Man wears his heart on his sleeve. Is that bad?

  7. one80oneday says:

    Don't have a problem with it

  8. Jason says:

    He does it after every homerun that ive seen....How is it any different than any other person's homerun celebration?

  9. Lane Meyer says:

    It's a little bit cocky but I don't find it as bad as the guys that stand in the box and admire the HR without moving and then flip away the bat a la Big Papi.

  10. Edgar says:

    This is a non issue; I see nothing that offended me. 2 years ago ex-Rays INF Felipe Lopez hit a HR vs. the White Sox and showboated around the plate. After the game, Lopez got called out on his manager. More than half of the players showboat when hitting a HR, no big deal. Maddon should be more mad at Lueke walking 3 batters instead of smiling and being jolly after a loss.

  11. Gus says:

    His idiotic play in the field (like earlier in the game) is what deserves conversation,not the celebration (Jays are biggest hot dogs in mlb). His showboating is a disaster waiting to happen on every throw (look at last out on Sunday). The chrome is the chrome. Rays are stuck with it for $5m this year.

  12. Bill says:

    Swisher points at heaven as he crosses the plate, as if god and his dead grandmother have nothing better to do but watch baseball. Big Sloppy runs slower than molasses and relishes every second of it. Lots of guys have traditional things they do whenever the go deep. Escobar's safe sign is not directed in anyone's direction and he doesn't even look up when doing it. If this is wrong, so is fist pumping when a closer Ks someone, or any other kind of display or symbolism of success or emotion. People need to grow up and get over it. The little arrow shooting sign all Rays now do when they just a freaking single.... Rodney's archer. Why is this any different ?

    Keep stroking and keep signaling safe, YuNes. And Merlot Joe, after all of those years of coddling BJ, this is what you decide to grow a pair about ? Give me a break. Your comments about this could themselves be construed as showboating.

    • kellyann says:

      I completely agree. I love the energy and fun that Yunel brings to the Rays. I love the little twirl he does when he throws the ball. He just looks like he's really having a good time playing baseball. So many of the Rays look like they're dragging themselves through the games.

      As for giving the safe sign as he crossed home plate, I honestly don't understand what is the big deal. I've seen so, so much worse from other players and it's not even brought up. I also believe that I've seen Molina give that same safe sign as he crossed home plate.

  13. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    If people want to get on message boards and complain about showboating then they should be on here every day complaining about the 90% of pitchers who do a "victory lap" around the mound every time they record a K... that's far more egregious than calling one's self safe at home after a homer. If 10,000 people were booing me I'd find a way to give them the proverbial middle finger too.

    • Bill says:

      Well said. One question.... They had 10,000 people there ? Didn't look like it. But I wasn't watching ESPN to hear the discussion about it.... Oh, that's right, it was a Rays road game. We have to make a big deal about something else. I know! Escobar's safe sign! The nerve of him showing up those courteous Canadians like that. Lueke's a serial rapist, Escobar is the Terrell Owens of baseball, and what else ? Don, what did I miss ?

      • Mr. Smith 1980 says:


      • Don says:

        See if we can get Jaso back for lueke..Joe maddon is wonderful...
        there you got it....

      • Salinger says:

        Attendance was actually 30k. I'm a Jays fan, didn't think it was a big deal. Hardly "offensive".

        I think it's one of those things that the "real" baseball people get upset over. Me, I just want to be entertained. Given how boring baseball is, I'm fine with anything that livens it up a bit, as long as it doesn't cross the line, which I really don't see that this did.

        Speaking of crossing the line, given his actions just prior to being shipped out of Toronto, I also have no problem with the Jays' fans booing him. Well deserved.

  14. VitaminB says:

    I'm a Jays fan, and while I am glad to be rid of Yunel, I think there is nothing wrong with his celebration/gesture. I wouldn't want any sport to go the way of the NFL where you get fined for smiling after a touchdown.

  15. Leeda Crawford says:

    Pathetic fans and managers and media who will not print this comment. He didn't do anything wrong. What about the fans booing him? Again, as I said, he didn't do anything wrong in the first place, someone decided the phrase “You are a sissy.” was homophobic and what happened and is still happening is the true bullying. He should still be a Blue Jay! Shame on all of you.

  16. Shane says:

    Just do us a favour and move the Rays to Montreal!


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