Wil MyersPrior to the season, Wil Myers ranked fourth on ESPN.com’s list of the top 100 prospects in baseball. Now, Keith Law has updated the list and Myers has fallen to no. 7 overall. And Law didn’t have anything nice to say about the hard-hitting outfielder…

“Myers has had one of the worst starts of any player on this list, striking out nearly a third of the time while hitting for very little power, something I discussed in April when I saw Durham play. He’s actually been worse since that series, maintaining that low contact rate with declining results when he does put the ball in play.”

Of course, this is no surprise as we already knew about the strikeout problems. But if it is that bad, then why is Myers still in the top ten?

Pitcher Taylor Guerrieri is also among the top 25 (no. 25), jumping up for no. 47 in the preseason…

“The Rays have handled him very gently, but Guerrieri is flashing ace stuff — fastball up to 97 mph, a hammer breaking ball — while showing very good control for a 20-year-old in his first full season of pro ball. He has been facing 18-to-21 hitters in most starts but has yet to walk more than two guys in any outing. He’s also killing worms like it’s a mission, with a groundout/air out rate above 3.5.”



  1. Michael says:

    not unreasonable

  2. Chris says:

    Old news. Covered elsewhere, including in this space. Startling improvement (mostly) over last 10 games or so, also noted here. Shrug.

    • MJ says:

      Yes, Law's article was posted last Tuesday, meaning it was probably written Sunday/Monday. Myers has certainly picked it back up the last ~10 days.

  3. Dave L says:

    I think its generous he didn't drop him more than 3 spots out of 100.

    Everybody in the Baseball industry (outside the Royals org) had the offseason storyline Stingy/Frugal/Cheap/Wise Rays hold back raging bull Myers for financial reasons. How long will it be before his greatness cannot be denied and they are forced to bring him up?!

    I said from Day 1 no way he is called up before mid to late June and now it looks like it may be later. Maybe not till September call ups.

    Prospect is about potential right? Not whose next in line for the big show.

    I think it was a fair assessment by Law.

  4. Don says:

    Post #10 since trade (look it up):..Myers is nobody's "Savior" as publicized here and other Sites.....He has nowhere to play on the Rays right now....Sept. 40 man? maybe. 2014? More like it....maybe...

  5. Lane Meyer says:

    Given that Myers had played less than 100 games at AAA and joined a new organization, it only made sense for the Rays to take their time with him. If he stays hot and the Rays have a major injury, we may see him before September this year. If not, he may get a September callup anyway, just to give him a taste of the majors.

  6. Chris says:

    Having been a bit critical of Myers myself, and noting that it is, after all AAA ball, nevertheless Myers does have 41 RBI in 49 games (223 PA), and is now sporting an OPS of .831 with 90 total bases. Those are decent numbers. If it were just numbers, of course, there are two other Bulls with better numbers (http://bit.ly/16seH4M), Leslie Anderson and Vince Belnome.

  7. Bill says:

    Whatever. Myers is hitting over .340 in his last ten games and had two more RBIs last night to add to his team lead, now 43.

    Simple fact is, Joyce is lucky He is hitting a bit lately. Despite the recent offense, it's clear we could use another rhb against lefties and Joyce looks like a clown in the field lately.

    Hate on Myers for his slow star all you want. He is still going to be worth everything we traded for him and more. Best case scenario is that we keep hitting and he spends the entire season in Durham. So called experts want to take a 34 game sample (all but last 10 games) from his whole career and trash on him, and so called fans want to jump on that band wagon, that's fine. Reality has a way of introducing itself. Patience, grasshopper.


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