Yesterday, Yunel Escobar hit a home run and then made a gesture towards the crowd that caused a mini-fire storm in some circles.

Joe Maddon said he would talk to Escobar and that we won’t see it again. Escobar claimed he uses the same gesture after every home run. But does he? Not quite.

But before we look at the video, here is that gesture once again…

Prior to that home run, Escobar had hit three home runs. The first came against the A’s (see full video HERE. He crosses home plate at the 0:22 mark)…He does make a similar motion, but the swinging arms are above his head and much less pronounced…

He hit his second home run the very next night against the Yankees. And once again, the arm motion is above the head towards the sky (see video HERE, 0:28 mark)…

Finally, here is Escobar’s third home run (see video HERE. He crosses the plate at the 0:24 mark). And well, well. This one looks a lot more like the one we saw yesterday in Toronto…

So he has done this celebration before. But wait. Who did he hit that home run against?


Coincidence? Probably not.



  1. Geoff Peterson says:

    This is a non-issue. I'm sure Maddon will resolve it to his satisfaction or he'll let it go until Escobar gets some chin music from opposing pitchers.

  2. Don says:

    Maddon better wish what Escobar does after a HR is his biggest problem, Do your Job Maddon and leave Escobar alone.... you and Friedman KNEW he was like that when you signed HIm, Now your going to Change him? good luck...

    • KT says:

      I actually agree with you for once. I mean, the dude starts hitting and we're focusing on his Home Run gesture? Who cares?

  3. Gus says:

    Is the "safe sign" gesture considered a homophobic slur in Cuba?

    I'm down on this guy and don't like his game or his act, but the safe sign stuff is really the least of our worries. If I saw that 16 more times this year after HRs, I'd start start doing the safe sign myself.

    At least we know he'll get on base again this series through the inevitable HBP. Baseball has a way of dealing with this kind of behavior.

  4. Ken says:

    Seriously now Rays fans, Escobar's emphatic safe gesture after hitting a 2 run shot in the top of the 9th against the his former team gets all this press? He was booed all game long without mercy, were there 29,000 gay fans in attendance? Probably not, just a lot of baseball challenged Canucks. Maybe the press should have pushed Maddon to answer the question of why he stayed with Lueke so long. Escobar didn't lose this one, Maddon did.

  5. Don says:

    Maddon recants on Tue. NOW hes fine with Escobar...what a difference a day makes in ole Joe...a little Public criticism ( byplayers,media and "not Knowing"fans) of Maddon and his "player support" helped also

  6. Al says:

    Personally I think he should stop at home plate, turn to the pitcher and thumb his nose at him.....or maybe dance on home plate.


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