We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

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  1. Dave L says:

    I can wait another year before I see that nightmarish clash of dessert camo and pastels. I thought the Red July 4 cap was bad. Camo is camo- it doesnt support accent colors.

    I am all for honoring Vets and patriotism( not just marketing gear right?) but make it work aethetically at least.

    • Mr.Smith 1980 says:

      If they're gonna do the camo thing they might as well do it with camo that is close to the colors they actually wear... The Rays would've looked good in the blue military camo.

      • Dave L says:

        Exactly but you have to be all in on the camo with no OEM colored patches, emblems, etc.

        White sox could wear Korean war era white camo and so forth.

        MLB may not be ready for an openly gay player but they need one in the league office to advise them on this stuff. heheh

  2. Beazy says:

    The "I...uhhh...ok." girls were the hottest pics!!! lol


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