The Rays announced this afternoon that David Price has been placed on the 15-day DL with a “left triceps strain.” It is the first trip to the DL in his career.

Price’s spot on the roster will be taken by Alex Torres who’s stint with the team will like be short. Torres will likely serve as the long-reliever until Monday when the Rays will need a starting pitcher in Toronto. The Rays will likely promote somebody else at that point to make the start. The obvious choice would be Jake Odorizzi who would be on normal rest.



  1. Don says:

    PREDICTABLE: For a player who has lost "His Game", Sore muscles maybe but he needs a Minor league stint, see if he can get those guys out, then build from there, He has the confidence level of Kasmir when he was ditched by the Rays, and he has lost Millions in trade value for the Rays..Start over Price

    • Lane Meyer says:

      Donnie Doom with a uninformed tool comment as usual. He has a strained tricep and will be out 15 days. I would be surprised if he gets more than one minor league start and he may get none. He was actually pretty sharp last night prior to the injury. He had only given up a walk and 3 singles in the "bad" inning and the Ortiz single was pretty lucky. The floodgates only opened after an unprepared Wright came in the game. It was fun while the Rays were winning as Donny Doom was without any negative nonsense to post and was thus absent.

  2. Dave L says:

    Wow I nailed the Torres call up.

    He's really improved over last years blow up.

    I'm excited to see him work the big boys.

  3. Sublime says:

    He's actually been the the more unsung out of the Durham pitchers, I'm glad he's getting another shot too!


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