So far this season, the Rays have averaged just 20,002 tickets sold for the six games they have played against the Yankees at home. That is still better than the Rays’ overall attendance average of 18,287, but is well-below the size of Yankees game crowds we have seen in the past.

If this trend continues for the rest of the season, it will be the third straight season in which attendance for Yankees games* has dropped. And since the Yankees games averaged 32,293 in 2010, the average has dropped 38%.

But how much of a difference do these games make in the overall attendance?

If the Rays were averaging 30,000 per Yankees game this season, they would have sold approximately 60,000 more tickets this season. That would push their overall average to approximately 20,600 per game, good enough for 26th overall, just behind the Pirates (20,654). That’s still not good. But that would look better than 28th overall, which is where the Rays are now.

Obviously there are other factors at play here. And Rays attendance is down slightly in the last couple of years even without the help of the bandwagon Yankees fans. But this is another piece of an overall ugly picture…


* We did not include attendance figures for opening series games as those crowds would be large no matter whom the Rays are playing.



  1. Michael says:

    Last year the opening series was loaded with Yankees fans and the Yankees got badly beaten.

    I think it's not just bandwagon, but the Rays are no longer a doormat, and the typical Yankees fan cannot stand watching their team get 2-hit, so why bother?

    It's good for Rays fans though because I've never sat to a non-annoying Yankee fan.

    • Drew says:

      More likely is that Jeter, A-rod, Teixeira, and Granderson have been out most/all of the season so far. Less of a reason to go (if you are a yankees "fan").

  2. angrybuddha says:

    Tickets to Yankees games are more expensive, so a decline in seat sales might still equate to a revenue increase to ownership... does anyone have a view on how ticket $$ have changed y-o-y on Yankees games, specifically?

  3. Don says:

    FUNNY..a year or so ago you were bitching about too many Yankee & Red Sox fans at Rays games ...Now there is not enough???

  4. Beth says:

    When I first started watching the Rays, back in 2006-7, games against the Yankees and Red Sox were generally well attended, largely with the fans of the other team.

    Now those games seem much like any other. The good news is, it no longer feels as though the Rays are playing an away game. The bad news is, poor attendance and all that implies for the franchise's future. I assume that last year's lousy Red Sox team kept down attendance at Red Sox games, and I agree with Drew that key injuries to big name stars may keep NY fans at home this year, even though their team has been pretty exciting and surprising.

    As awful as it was to share the stadium with the Sox/Yankees fan, I was always willing to stand it with the idea that each $8 beer they consumed bought the Rays a few free agents.


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