In an effort to have merchandise available for purchase immediately after a championship game or series, manufacturers will produce gear for both teams. But rather than destroy the items made for the losing team, those items are distributed to people that live in disaster areas or impoverished countries.

So I knew that 2008 Tampa Bay Rays World Series gear existed. But until last night, I had never seen one.  But thanks to William Johnson, who was just doing a simple Google Image search, one has been found.

So there you go. Suck it, Phillies…




  1. Ian H. says:

    Do want.

  2. Lane Meyer says:

    This series is still a heartbreaker to me as 2 games were won by a player (JC Romero) that should have been serving a PED suspension at the time and the other 2 games were won by a pitcher (Cole Hamels) who lived a charmed life in that series when anything he threw to the plate that didn't bounce at least twice was proclaimed a strike.

    • CRRaysHead90 says:

      Wish I could go back in time and find out for certain if the umps had been payed off or told to throw the games in the Phillies favor or what.

  3. Beazy says:

    Only if that cold front didn't come through...

  4. StillSmiling says:

    WAAAHHHH!!! How about some cheese with that whine? Respect to your manager (he's awesome) and some players (Ben Zobrist!). But I can't wait for the video when the stadium is imploded. Attendance will be higher for that than a Rays' playoff game.


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