Like most Rays fans I was pretty excited to hear Myers hit his first home run of the season and his first since join the Rays’ organization.

But then we saw the video and it was a huge let down. Myers hit the home run off former Rays pitcher Mark Hendrickson. And the pitch was an 84 mph fastball (although the term “fastball” feels like a misnomer in this instance). Oh well, a home run is a home run. Here’s the video…



  1. Sublime says:

    The Bat-Flip!

  2. Drew says:


  3. Dave L says:

    No one would have expected such an early power outage . Im sure its just temporary.

    It sort of plays right into the Rays whole grand scheme of things nicely. At least from a PR standpoint with some of the fanbase. Not that they care what their critics think, and why should they, they have the track record to prove the system works.

    He's still not 23 till December. Its hard to argue that he will be as good in his age 22 season as he is in his age 29 where most guys peak. If we brought him up in April 1 we could have kissed that age 29 season goodbye if he developed nicely and my math is right. Just like we will with Price probably.

    That’s the way I think of it. Trading a few months of a green developing Myers for a full season of peak Myers if all goes well. Waiting to Mid June supposedly gets the 4th year of arbitration according to what some expert said on MLB earlier this month.

    We are lucky to have such a forward thinking management group.

  4. Jason says:

    Hey guys...Longo had a power this year too. Now he has 4 or so in the last week. Small sample size warnings and all that.

  5. Jason says:

    had a power outage...that should say.

  6. Zach says:

    Mark Hendrickson is still around?


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