Here is the last strike of Monday’s game (which was covered HERE and HERE). This time we have the video with the Rays radio call led by Dave Wills. And Wills is one of the most level-headed radio guys you will ever hear. So when he freaks out, you know it is bad…



  1. Ken says:

    How the count ever got to 3-2 astounds me. Look at the FOX TRACK screen. Out of 6 pitches thrown only one was even a borderline strike. Hellboy was squeezed by the ump from inning 1. Hard enough to win games without having to battle the umps as well as the other team and their crowd.
    I'm sure Selig got a chuckle out of the game. We all know a losing Rays team makes the move out of St. Pete easier to do.

  2. Don says:

    OK Maddon you had Enough of the Mister Good guy projection, you think the Umpires or other teams respect you?, they find ways to beat you....get your best players on called strikes,and yes passing players on base paths,
    Think you can change the attitude,Mr Nice guy...and get a little respect around here...
    R. Dangerfield would be proud of you and maybe mother too...

  3. Mark says:

    I am not sure about this but it looked like the Umpire might have been a little upset when Zobrist stepped out late earlier in the at bat. I wonder if he had decided the pitches didn't have to be "that" good.

    • Lane Meyer says:

      ZObrist didn't just step out. He asked for time and it was granted. The ump is under no obligation to grant the timeout if he thinks the pitcher is too far along or the batter is just stalling. IMO more umps should just say no to timeouts but that was not the case here.

    • MarkE says:

      Good point. I did notice that Foster said something, which Zo responded to, after he stepped back in. I think Foster just wanted to catch the end of the basketball game.


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