We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

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  1. Kyle Harris says:

    Hey Cork there are no images?!?!?!

  2. Don says:

    He's out (umpire correct) ..Maddons was OUT everything went well....

  3. Dave L says:

    Being in the home market we are forced to be subjected to the rail. If the game also carried on TBS MLB they are blacked out,

    On a national broadcast it makes more sense, like an ESPN game there will be casual fans always tuning in who could care less about wither team. So they keep thier interest bye totally unrelated sports news.

    Watching the Masters this weekend reminded me what a beautiful visual spectacle a baseball game could be with HDTV.

    Too bad the advent of HDTV also coincided with the increased interest in sports by bullsh*t fantasy nonsense and gamblers who are the only ones who give a crap about 95% of that useless info they forcefeed us.

    The least they could do is turn it all off when the pitcher goes into his windup and keep it off when a live play is occuring. Thats only maybe 30 mins a game.

    Is that too much to ask for???

  4. Lane Meyer says:

    Make the rail go away. Also I never saw a perfect angle on the slide into 2nd, but one of them looked like his toe was on the bag before the tag was made. A tough call either way but Maddon had reason to question the call, especially given the way bad calls have been piling up against the Rays so far this year. Donny Doom doesn't seem to understand that sometimes the manager has a reason for being ejected and it can often fire up his team.

    • Don says:

      The only reason Maddon gets ejected is because he can't stand the Heat,
      If he loses that game being ahead late in the Game He's an Idiot again, but IF he's ejected..Its well I wasn't there so I'm really not sure what happened in the 9th..I'll have to review the tapes...otherwise just chickensh*t stuff..Wonder if HE called the Umpire AFTER it was shown to everyone in the World his player was out and he made a fool of himself and tried to make the umpire look the bad guy...You apologized right Maddon?.....any bets?


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