Joe MaddonThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Rangers 6, RAYS 1 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Desmond Jennings. The do-it-all leadoff hitter did his job with two doubles, including a leadoff double in the third. He would eventually score the Rays’ only run…Roberto Hernandez. It wasn’t his best stuff by any means, but after David Price worked just 5 innings on Sunday and Jeremy Hellickson worked just 5 innings on Monday, Joe Maddon needed innings from Not-Fausto. And the big right-hander worked into the 7th inning, throwing 113 pitches.

THE BAD: Major League Debuts. I once taught a stats class, so I am a big fan of numbers. But sometimes I wonder if the Rays are so tied to the numbers that they lose their natural instincts as athletes. This seems to come to light every time the Rays face a pitcher making his big league debut and for which the Rays have limited or no scouting data. Last night was the latest example as Nick Tepesch made his debut a good one, working into the 8th inning and allowing just one run…Bad Shift? In the bottom of the third, just after the Rays had taken a 1-0 lead, the Rangers had a runner on first base with one out. Ian Kinsler then hit a routine groundball to the right of Yunel Escobar that should have been an easy double-play. But if you look at the replay from above, you can see that Escobar had moved in and closer to second base. The result was that the ball went to the outfield. Both runners would score on Lance Berkman’s basehit two batters later and the Rangers had a lead they would never surrender. Was Escobar shifted to the right on Maddon’s orders? Was he cheating in anticipation of a stolen base? Either way, it seems strange that he was so shallow and close to second base bag for a right-handed batter…Dinks and Dunks. It felt like the Rangers didn’t hit a ball hard all night. It was just one of those nights where the ball just kept finding a spot where a fielder wasn’t. Sometimes it was the Rays’ fault (see above) and sometimes it was just bad luck.

THE TELLING: Remember when the Rays and Blue Jays were the favorites in the East and the Red Sox and Yankees were supposed to battle for last place? The Rays are 3-5, 2.5 games behind the Red Sox and one-half game ahead of the Jays for last place…Luke Scott took batting practice and appears to be nearing a rehab stint.


  • Rays announce their first post-game concerts: Kenny Loggins (5/11) Martina McBride (6/8) Imagination Movers (6/16) Carly Rae Jepsen (7/14) Victoria Justice (8/18).
  • Guess what Jeff Niemann is blaming his shoulder surgery on (hint: it rhymes with foolpen). []
  • Several of the Rays still do not want instant replay on balls and strikes even after the blown call from Monday night. []
  • A new Roberto Hernandez? He used his changeup more in the first start, something that continued in his start last night. [Fangraphs]
  • Marlins traded away their best players, but they still have half-naked dancers on their television broadcast. [BI Sports]


DURHAM 12, Gwinnett 8. Alex Torres threw 5 shutout innings. He struck out 3 and walked 1…RF Brandon Guyer hit his 2nd and 3rd home runs of the season and drove in 5…DH Wil Myers was 2-5 with 2 Ks and is 7-21 in 5 games…SS Hak-Ju Lee was 1-4 with 2 strikeouts.

MONTGOMERY. no game scheduled

CHARLOTTE 6, Bradenton 2. Ryan Carpenter tossed 5 shutout innings with 7 Ks and no walks…RF Drew Vettleson was 0-3 with a walk and is 3-17 to start the season.

BOWLING GREEN 8, Lansing 3. RF Marty Gantt had two hits and hit his 2nd home run.





  1. Gus says:

    At this point, Cork is just tourturing me with Hernandez in "the Good", Hernandez has wicked movement, etc. I tuned into the Texas announcers and they had a more balanced view of Hernandez which was: this start is classic Carmona/Hernandez -- stuff looks good, but then he comes unglued very easily at the first start of trouble, and you end up with an ugly start.

    I don't think it is sound analysis to be worrying about bullpen wear in April when you had two shutouts with minimal bullpen wear, you have off days coming and you have far better pitchers in Durham ready to go if the vets break down.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Starting to sound like an "Occupy-er" complaining about the 1% but not really sure why you all showed up to begin with...

      So winning games in April is crucial, but not wearing-down your bullpen arms in April isn't? They net the same result in the end... wins count right now and so does the preservation of arms in the bully.

      Once again, you rail against Cork praising Fauberto, but neglect to view the picture as a whole. He didn't pitch "lights-out" by any stretch of the imagination, but he's showing the ability to own batters. Most of Texas' hits yesterday were anomalies... I hate playing the "if it weren't for _____" game, but that was case last night- he's pitching well enough to start in lower half of any rotation in the AL right now.

      • Gus says:

        I've watched in full his 2 regular season starts and his last spring start in Clearwater vs. the Phillies regulars. He has been lousy in all 3 starts. He loses command, hitting and walking guys. And then 2nd and 3rd time throught the order, he gets worked:

        @ Phillies 9 earned runs in 6
        v. O's 4 earned runs in 6.2
        @ Rangers 5 earned runs 6.2

        ERA in last 3 Rays starts: 8.00
        Regular season ERAs:
        2013: 6.08
        2012: 7.53
        2011: 5.25

        So why is this guy in the rotation? No historical performance. No development possibility. Cheapskate owners trying to hold down Odorozi and Archer's service time, that is why. All this garbage about bullpen innings that this "innings eater" is swallowing -- all while getting the team beat. The Rays have a complete bullpen in Durham that can come up and work if needed, probably at better efficency that some of the innings they are giving to Wright and Ramos. The spin on this Hernandez guy has been something from the start. I despise how Rays fans believe in the organization to the point of delusion -- Hernandez has not earned his spot on this team. Just like Elliot Johnson and Shawn Camp before him, the stubborness of the organization with him will cost the Rays many, many games.

        • Mr Smith 1980 says:

          Stubbornly trusting as "we" may be. you are equally stubborn in your insistence upon Fauberto not being a viable bottom of the rotation pitcher. He has big league stuff

          *using the #'s from his spring start is stacking the deck and skewing the stats.

        • Drew says:

          There is never a need to respond/argue when someone is using an ERA sample from 14.1 innings pitched. You guys should know better.

  2. Don says:

    "Noname" going his job eating those innings, balls on the ground, and only gave up 5 runs, much better than Niemann from the beginning, or say some minor leaguer we might have, just ask Nolan Ryan about his minor leaguers
    Maddon has that "Look" (above) doesn't HE?

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      It's a beautiful day outside Don. Why don't you get out of your Mom's basement for awhile and catch some sun.

      • Don says:

        I like my moms basement, played golf yesterday and playing tomorrow, hard to play everyday.....whats your game plan "Coach"

  3. Don says:

    Niemann doesn't want to be a bullpen pitcher, warming up his 6'9" body everyday, no doubt he has physical problems, but probably feels if he can get it cleared up this season, don't go back to bullpen, and maybe start a new career somewhere else next year as a starter (see Davis at KC)....good for him...


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