Alex CobbThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Red Sox 5, RAYS 0 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: No No-No. The Rays got a hit, in the 8th inning…It’s early. The Rays have played just 6.8% of the schedule…There are bats coming. Luke Scott and Wil Myers will both be added to the mix sooner, rather than later…It will get better. Blah, blah, blah.

THE BAD: Another near no-no. The Rays were hitless through 7 innings and exactly ZERO people were surprised…The bats are bad, like Devil Raysian bad. Halfway through the month of April, the Rays have an OPS of .581. How bad is that? It is dead last in the AL, 67 points behind the next lowest team, the Twins (.648). It is 117 points worse than the Houston Astros, a team that is composed of Carlos Pena and a bunch of minor leaguers. It is worse than 13 NL teams, the league where nearly one out of nine at bats is by a pitcher. At .581, this would be the worst offensive month in (DEVIL) RAYS HISTORY. Like EVER. By a mile. As of now, the worst month in team history came in April, 2002, when that club posted a .633 OPS. That club lost 106 games…Power Outage. We knew this team wasn’t going to hit a lot of home runs. But there are 6 PLAYERS that have hit more home runs than the Rays (4). Hell, Dioner Navarro has hit 2 home runs and he only has 18 at bats this season. Mets catcher John Buck has 6 home runs in 41 at bats. The Rays have 4 HRs in 345 at bats…Yunel Escobar. Gold glove? Nope. Not that we’ve seen so far. But hey, he is just misunderstood…Sam Fuld. The Rays believe that his defense is so good that the number of runs he saves is just as valuable as the number of runs better hitters create offensively. And while he does make some highlight real catches. We’ve also seen him dive at the wrong times. And his arm has trouble hitting cut-off guys. That’s not what you want from a right fielder. And no matter how good the glove is, you gotta do better than 2-22 with 1 walk.

THE TELLING: The Rays have no hits in their last 23 at bats with a runners in scoring position…Sounds like Luke Scott had another setback. This time it is a stomach ailmentClay Buchholz’s 11 strikeouts were a career high…Alex Cobb pitched better than the stats would indicate. The defense was horrible (why did Jose Molina try to pick the ball up in fair territory?) and the ump was squeezing him all day. Amazingly, the ump was squeezing both pitchers (didn’t call anything up). But Cobb seemed to have more trouble adjusting…James Shields pitched a complete game against the Blue Jays this weekend and gave up just 2 hits. He lost 3-2 thanks in large part to one of the hits being a 2-run home run. Boy does that sound familiar.


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Charlotte 5, DURHAM 2. Alex Torres struck out 8 and walked none in 6 shutout innings. He allowed just 2 hits…DH Leslie Anderson was 3-5 and is hitting .368 (14-38)…SS Hak-Ju Lee went 2-2 with 2 doubles and 2 walks. He is 14-34 (.412) in 10 games.

Jackson 7, MONTGOMERY 1. The Biscuits managed just 3 hits. RF Mikie Mahtook went 0-3 with a walk. He is 6-35 in 9 games.

Fort Myers 5, CHARLOTTE 2. Ryan Carpentar gave up 1 run in 6 innings…RF Drew Vettleson was 0-4 and is 9-38 (.237)…3B Richie Shaffer went 1-4 with his 3rd double. He is 8-34 (.235).

West Michigan 10, BOWLING GREEN 7. Taylor Guerrieri allowed no runs and just 1 hit in 4 innings. He struck out 1 and walked 1…RF Andrew Toles had 3 hits including 2 doubles. The third round pick in 2012 is now 16-42 (.381) in 10 games.





  1. Don says:

    Lets look at the Bright side Shields, Davis, Ej are leading the AL central, we got a bunch of new (better) hitters,all Improvements make by management

  2. Ken says:

    The total ineptitude of Rays offense has left me numb. The "it's early rationalization", the "it's spring training rationalization", the "it's too cold rationalization", and on and on can't take the big chill away. If Rays fans performed at work or school the way our batters do on the field we'd be fired, or flunked or forced to wear dunce caps and told to go seek tutoring. (Hmmm...dunce caps, a future road trip attire). This team is not fun to watch right now. If the trend continues to linger the awful W/L record will pale in comparison to home attendance numbers. Baseball is supposed to be entertainment for the fans and a job for the players, not the other way around. Hopefully this beat won't go on...

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Wow, did you hit the nail on the head! Right now, watching the Rays feels like more of an obligation than a pleasure. They, on the other hand, seem to be showing a very blasé attitude toward the whole thing.


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