Playing A Little Pepper

Tonight is highly-anticipate Joe Maddon Gnome giveaway…Today’s “guest” in the locker room before the game was a penguin because Joe Maddon wants his players “to chill.” Seriously…The Rays are 9-11. The last two times the Rays were 9-11 after 20 games (2008, 2011) they made the playoffs…The Rays are 11-3 in Alex Cobb’s last 14 starts. He has an ERA of 2.95 over that span…Since June 20, 2011 Evan Longoria has an RBI every 4.7 at bats. That’s the best rate in MLB over that span. Unfortunately, he is tied with everybody with 0 RBI in games he doesn’t play.

Game Graph

[Will be up at game time]

Source: FanGraphs


  1. Flash Jennings, CF
  2. Ryan Roberts, 2B
  3. Ben Zobrist, RF
  4. Evan Longoria, 3B
  5. Sean Rodriguez, 1B
  6. Yunel Escobar, SS
  7. Shelley Duncan, DH
  8. Jose Molina, C
  9. Kelly Johnson, LF
  10. Alex Cobb, SP




  1. ed says:

    penguin, a bird, a dj , a magician, really has it come down to this, maybe a trip to lowry park or chucky cheese is next , well i guess if it helps us win.

    • KT says:

      How long you been a Rays fan? Really, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been a fan since the beginning or since they started winning. Point blank, when they stunk, the managers involved embraced that. Maddon came in and yeah, they still stunk for a couple seasons, but you could see that he cared, and that he wasn’t just willing to let things be bad AND miserable at the same time. And there IS a difference between the two, you just have to think about it for a second. Maddon keeps things fresh, even when the outlook may seem bleak in the W-L column. I’ll take Maddon over Rothschld/Pinella/etc anyday, win or lose because he doesn’t just embrace the status quo. This is a team in an area that many people mock on the daily, and Maddon throws it right back I’m the critics faces time as time again. Thank you and goodnight

    • Don says:

      the pengiuin helped us win but the Bird “lost”, More penguins Maddon

  2. ed says:

    been a fan since day one, and believe it or not , i don’t really care, i do like joe maddon, but sometimes its like he does the wierdest things , and of course makes the team look ridiculous. Oh and by the way, how many world series have we won? That isn’t joe’s fault naturally because everytime anybody makes a comment about joe they are made out to be anti ray, believe me i am enjoying this last 5 years, I guess i can always wish we had hal mcray back or larry rothschild , lol. look all i am saying is maybe it’s about time we stopped being happy with winning just the al east or wild card and start being a little more disappointed when we don’t .and maybe stop worrying about everybodies feelings, Joe is a good manager but sometimes he seems to go over board with the feel good stuff i would really love to hear what the players have to say about some of the stuff, i watched an interview with zobrist last night and they asked him about it, it was like he couldn’t change the subject fast enough. Anyway as i said in my comment ,if it helps us win. Plus i am not in the clubhouse i am just a fan who evidently isn’t allowed to comment on joe.

    • KT says:

      A: Comment on Joe or anyone else all you want, I never tried to persuade you otherwise. But if you leave an opinion on something it’s only natural for someone else to give you THEIR opinion back, and that opinion may differ from yours. That’s life.

      B: Your last comment, “Anyway as i said in my comment , (sic) if it helps us win” pretty much negates everything you said before it, so what’s your point?

    • Dave L says:

      I think you were banged pretty hard for a a pretty harmless comment.

      Zero World Series victories but third most wins by any club since 2008 on a budget a fraction of the teams above us and way less than almost every team below.

      Marlins have rings are on the tube every night same as the Rays. They go for broke as an organization and it has paid off and then they are unwatchable as now. This current Rays regime is attempting to do something systematic and unprecedented. So far it has succeeded. Sustained high level baseball on a very low payroll with low revenues.

  3. Don says:

    ED, comment on Maddon all you want, this is a site that is very homer oriented, where Maddon can do no wrong, shop around there are other sites, that let Maddon, Friedman or any player that screws up “have it big time”
    My enjoyment is to point these things out here and it blows their minds, on other sites I’m just part of the knowledgeable majority…enjoy yourself….
    Players are about 50%/ 50% with the stupid stuff, they said most players didn’t even pay any attention to the bird the other night, Maddon carried him around on his shoulder…no real work to to….

    • KT says:

      You’re absolutely right Don, or should I say Budman? There are plenty of other sites, feel free to just go there and spare us from your “mind-blowing” revelations!!! Thanks for all the laughs throughout the years!

    • Dave L says:

      Its reality oriented for most of us.

      Your criticisms are largely laughable in any venue. You try so hard to criticize virtually everything so that it comes off really foolish Don.

      Its as if you were like me going to Hip Hop concerts every saturday nite and then complaining that they suck and asking why they can’t just play some cool mellow reggae that I enjoy?

      You sound like I would sound if I tried to post on a Lightning blog,(I know nothing about hockey) and tried to criticize the way the team is run when they were in their tittle run. I would look like a fool.

      I would get deservedly hammered as you do here because I know zero about hockey.

      Try to read more about what the Rays are trying to do. Start here

  4. ed says:

    wow maybe i should go to another site , sure does look like people hate each other on this one, lol , A. i expect to have other people make comments back at me, good or bad, doesn’t matter, i have been on enough sites to understand that, B. my whole point was, and is, that maybe i am getting a little tired of joe treating PROFESSIONAL baseball players like children, BUT i am not in the clubhouse and if that is what it takes to make these guys play better and win , than i guess i have to live with it , after all i am once again just a fan, who wants nothing more than to enjoy a world series title. Not just american east titles of wild cards. It doesn’t mean i have to like it because joe doesn’t care and niether does management. C. I have been around since day 1 , I was here during the bad years , went to the games , still do , raised my son as a rays fan , not a yankee fan or boston fan, and still spend my money as i am sure you and everybody on this site does on the rays. So that in of itself gives me and anybody else the right to sound off, you may not like or even agree with what I say , but that’s ok. So for my last statement I would like to say , go rays.

    • Dave L says:

      This site is better for Rays discussion I think.

      Others are either clinical corporate sites by internet conglomerates where the Rays blog is manned by some guys who got the last straws and writes all sorts of cold technical babble with no soul and no one even bothers to post comments.

      Or sites where its all just mindless babble.

    • Don says:

      ED “Hate” ? we all love ole Coach “Smith” or “DIrt bag” which ever he is this week, and Hip Hop Saturday night Dave L always has some revelation to Make……just stay around you’ll love the rebutals…worth the Price of admission

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