Near the end of the seventh inning of today’s game, David Price thought he had thrown a strike to end the inning. Instead, umpire Tom Hallion called it a ball.

Price was visibly upset by the call and after he got Dewayne Wise to ground out on the next pitch, Price was still agitated.  As he walked off the field, Hallion walked towards Price and said something. This is where the stories become a a case of “he said, ump said.”

Hallion claims he just said “throw the ball over the plate.” Price claims Hallion said “throw the ball over the f***ing plate.” And several of Price’s teammates back up his version of the story.

When asked about the comments by the Rays after the game, Hallion didn’t take the high road. “I’ll come right out bluntly and say he’s a liar,” said Hallion.

Price wouldn’t back down saying that his own dad doesn’t speak to him that way, so “some freakin’ umpire’s not going to speak to me that way.” He also repeated that he is not a liar and wouldn’t make stuff up, and even asked on Twitter for someone to give him “the definition of coward.” Jeremy Hellickson added “there’s only one person lying about all this and his name starts with a T and rhymes with pom.” Matt Moore also described Hallion’s version of events as “lies.”

Price would continue to yell in the dugout. And eventually, Hellickson, yes, Jeremy Hellickson, was ejected.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what Hallion said (although it seems pretty clear at this point). Hallion clearly instigated the situation by approaching Price because apparently Hallion’s fragile ego couldn’t handle a player questioning what was clearly a bad call. Umpires are supposed to control the game, not escalate bad situations. Hallion clearly crossed a line and it wasn’t even close.

Here’s the video. You can see the Pitchf/x data for the questionable call below (pitch 4). It is clearly a strike…

4-28-2013 6-44-57 PM



  1. Geoff Peterson says:

    Umpires need to stop thinking they’re part of the show. Nobody pays good money to see the umpire instigate arguments and berate players. This guy is already a tool the way he calls strike 3 showing up the hitters. He needs to get suspended by the league.

    • BBB says:

      They are part of the show and most are enjoyable to watch. The players are the ones that have all turned into a holes. The players now are all if not most all pampered, spoiled brats that lose their cool over the smallest of things. If the players didnt act like dicks the umps wouldn’t have to show them who’s in control of the game.

      • maquih says:

        Could not disagree with you more. Players get emotional because they have to get pumped up to perform at their best. They’re doing whatever they can to win and that includes pushing their body to physical limits and making use of adrenaline testostorone, etc. So, it is understandable when a player gets emotional, although some may take it too far.

        Umpires and referees should NEVER get emotional. They are not supposed to win, they are supposed to be neutral and get the call right. Also, the fans do NOT pay money to see referees, they want to root for the home team. The best umpires and referees are the ones that are not noticed. It is utterly ridiculous to see them getting emotional when making a call, particularly when NBA referees call a charge and turn it into a touchdown dance celebration. That really annoys me, just make the call and move on with the game.

      • MandaGator says:

        Wake up BBB, umpires are to baseball as valets are to strip clubs. Umpires are to baseball as a parking lot is to the homeless. Umpires are to baseball as ketchup is to a starfish.
        Umpires are to baseball as you, BBB are to intelligence.

      • Dave says:

        A joke. An ump should not be heard from unless needed. Price was walking off the field and the ump decided he needed to confront Price over that call and made a comment. Whether he cursed or not does not matter. He should not have said a word. If Price is walking back to the dugout comlaining and swearing about a call but NEVER looking at the ump or confronting him about it…. the ump should not say one single word.

    • Gabe says:

      And let’s not forget in this unending thread dispute of umps vs. players, that this particular ump in this particular situation DID NOT MAKE THE RIGHT CALL. Whether umps add any add’l value, their priority is to make the right call and he failed. Knowing how close that strike was, the ump should of just shut up; where does it say he should be judging a player’s body language?

  2. Drew says:

    I think Hallion was quoted as saying “I’ll come right out bluntly and say he’s a liar,” not Price

  3. jesse says:

    I find it hard to believe that no camera caught the interaction and we could this baby to bed as far as who said what. Even if the ump did tell him to “throw the ball over the fuckin plate”, who gives a shit. It is a good rule to live by for a pitcher

  4. Dave L says:

    Its an unfortunate incident and Im glad we won but there is no need to go to war with an umpire over 1 pitch. the original fox tracks showed it was right on the line between strike and ball. His previous and subsequent zone was small.

    These are bad things to fight over and just are indications of frustration.

    • Jon says:

      Price didn’t do anything, the umpire approached him and said whatever he said. Price was too busy making the out for the second time.

    • maquih says:

      The ball halfway on the line means it is a clear strike because as long as any tiny sliver of the ball touches the strike it should be good. It was not a close call at all.

    • Gabe says:

      The ump 1) didn’t make the right call, 2) approached the player uninstigated provoking him 3) based on his “body language” 4) similar to situations for which he has been suspended before.

      They’re all just 1 pitch, except when they’re not.

  5. BBB says:

    Lets say Hallion did say that. Price needs to grow up and leave what’s said on the field on the field. What a cry baby pssy. If hallion did say that it wouldn’t be the first time an ump said it and it won’t be last. Funny thing is, if it were the other way around and Price told Hallion to “call a f’in strike”, I bet my life hallion wouldn’t be crying about price cussing him. Price is and always has been one of the weakest minded pitchers in the game.

    • maquih says:

      Price made a mistake for sure and I don’t mind him getting ejected. My question is where is the accountability for the umpires? Surely they should pay when they mess up as well.

      • MandaGator says:

        Price did nothing. Hallion admitted that Price’s only infraction was his “body language” & no, DP did not flip him off or any such nonsense. Hallion approached Price as Price was leaving the field and cursed at him.

        PRICE wasn’t ejected, Hellickson, who was among many Rays teammates who verbally defended Price from the bench, was ejected.

        Hallion should be suspended & fined for the abhorrent behavior on field. He should also be ashamed for his lying & bs post game off field.

    • MandaGator says:

      If Price had said that he would’ve been ejected & fined. The same should happen to Hallion. The only acceptable punishment is a minimum 1 game suspension & disclosed fine.

    • carey says:

      Quote: “Funny thing is, if it were the other way around and Price told Hallion to “call a f’in strike”, I bet my life hallion wouldn’t be crying about price cussing him.”

      Did you actually say this? And you’re serious?

      Give me a break. Not only would he be in his face, he would have ejected him. The guy’s skin is so thin that he’s moved to confront players based soley on “body lauguage” and you expect us to buy that crap.

      Hey former umpire. Here’s a quarter. . . . .

  6. Joe says:

    MLB umpires are the only one of the four major U.S. sports where being an official is an actual full time job. That being said, these guys need to do a better job calling the strike zone as its interpreted in the rule book. What happens if Wise walks or gets a hit and the inning continues to where the Rays lose? All because this ump decided he wanted to have the strike zone the size of shoebox that only got smaller as the game went on? There’s been at least a half dozen times just this year already where an umpire’s call has or could have effected the outcome of a Ray game, I don’t blame them for starting to get frustrated.

  7. Don says:

    Oh Great Price!..Get yout first win (thank Zobrist) and go to War with umpires, a battle you are sure to win in the long run, just paint a red X on your back, Every umpire in the league already “knows the story” We just got rid of one Baby Upton who pissed off umpires, he got more called 3rd strikes than anyone alive(he helped look), THEN drag Hellboy into it as team “scapegoat” another pitcher….great, who’s bench idea was that?….I can guess

    • Rob says:

      Don’s got a point. Right or wrong, Price didn’t do himself any favors.

    • Gabe says:

      So now players should just take a poor referee’s calls in stride, especially when verbally abused through no provocation. I don’t want the sport to turn into soccer where fake fouls and total gang-ups on a ref are common, but all sports are games of inches where most all plays are critical

  8. Don says:

    Just Watched the Tape..Umpires/Rays anyone can ask the young girls(grey sweatshirt, pink letters) above dugout to tell their version of what was said, White sox can tell (a reporter or anyone)who bought those seats…..will never happen unless some reporter does it…Cobb(tough guy) leaning over rail most likely suspect in my book

  9. Miguel Grande says:

    If you ask my 20 year old son, 28 and 24 year old daughters or my wife, who David Price was, they couldn’t tell me. Baseball is going the way of newspapers. Out of business, if they don’t wake up and modernize.

    If you asked my Mom, 50 years ago, who Mickey Mantle was, she would tell you a glowing anecdote about him, or Dimaggio, or Babe Ruth or countless others.

    When the old guys disappear, there will be no baseball. If I went to my bank and was short changed, I wouldn’t bank there. Umpires should not be on the field at all. Everything they do can easily be replaced with 100% accurate technology. You can use all the different camera angles for instant replay and put a chip in the ball for balls and strikes. It would be totally accurate and speed the games up. They could sit their fat asses up in a booth.

    Jose Canseco had some great ideas about bringing baseball into the 21st century. Does anyone remember tennis and those white balls?

    Baseball would save a lot of money and create an island of integrity to professional baseball in corrupt society. Football has changed and even prospered.

    • Rob says:

      My 20-year old son and my wife know exactly who Price is (and everyone else on the Rays for that matter past and present).

  10. Beth says:

    Jeremy Hellickson talks? Who knew!

  11. Dave L says:

    All the national sports talk media picked up on this today and seemed to universally dump on the ump.

    As I watched the game originally it didn’t seem like a big deal. Even the revelation that the ump dropped an F-bomb well im not too bothered by that. Price acting shocked that he never heard such language from his dad was kinda silly. The effing adjective was attached to the ball not to Price. Contrary to popular belief managers dont get rung up as soon as their language gets a little salty. It gets much worse than that.

    The whole taking your beef to twitter is silly. Make that reason #6785 why I dont read that claptrap.

    99% of the trillion F-bombs and thier equivalents throughout baseball history are dropped by players and managers. Those who think umps should be like Spock and show no emotion are unrealistic.

    Umps blow calls. Get over it fast. Move on. Make the next pitch.

    Expecting umps to give some mea culpa after a blown call goes against 100+ years of baseball history and tradition. They can’t show such weakness. When challenged they bow up. Just like Greinke did when he plunked that linebacker. Its not smart but its baseball. You have to stand your ground.

    Calling Price a liar was over the top. He had a reasonable stake of the high ground until then when he lost it.

    Price has flown under the radar of the national media with his slow start and no one mentioned it today. They all had his back.

    So now he has spent some of his his national CY Young capital on a meaningless dust up with a nobody ump on a call that he overcame and was finished with his outing at that point anyway.

  12. Don says:

    See that’s the difference between a David Price and someone like me, I would have shouted back at the Ump, ” get the F*** calls right”, would have got thrown out……,my game over.. not Hellicksons
    Price’s Answer, go back to the bench with his tail between his legs, let teammates take the heat and get on tweeter, and “Tell HIS story”
    Come on Price… grow up…maybe your Dad should have talked to you…..

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