Robinson ChirinosAccording to Jon Heyman, the Rays have traded Robinson Chirinos to the Texas Rangers for a player to be named later. Chirinos was designated for assignment last week to make room on the roster for Jamey Wright and Shelley Duncan.

Chirinos follows in the footsteps of fellow catcher Stephen Vogt who was also traded after being designated for assignment. Vogt was sent to the Oakland A’s.

On the surface, the move seems risky for a team that employs 37-year-old Jose Molina as their main catcher and for a team that has struggled in their efforts to find a good young catcher. Even if the Rays were hoping to sneak one or both through waivers, they had to know there was a risk in losing both players.

So maybe more importantly, these moves tell us the Rays have enough confidence in Chris Gimenez to be the third-stringer when if Molina or Jose Lobaton needs some time on the disabled list.

Ultimately, most teams need just three catchers over the course of a season. And next winter, the Rays can go back to Chasing Buster Posey.



  1. Rick says:

    I understand it from a minor league move perspective. They can use Gimenez and Albernaz in durham and can call upon Mark Thomas if he is needed for AAA depth. Lets just hope we wont have to play out a worst case scenario where both Molina and Lobaton got hurt. Then it would be just Gimenez and only god knows who would be the back-up catcher then

  2. Don says:

    Boy Wonder Friedman blew that pick, nobody will ever convince me he wanted to "Pay" Posey.....But it cost him & Stuie & the Rays many years of baseball bliss & MIllions $...just think of last year with Posey our Starters and Relievers... But Friedman stills gets the "genius" label from those who don't know any better.....All our catchers Stink so what "Difference does it make."
    Hilary C.

    • Don:

      Thanks for your comment. I have been saying the same thing for years, yet so few want to criticize Andrew. Let's pray Myers comes through. Strong GM's would never trade 2 starting pitchers at the same time, let alone for prospects.

      • Bill says:

        Yeah, because I remember both of you all over the blogs in 2008 saying that AF should draft Posey. Look it up. Beckham was the highest rated high school prospect by Baseball America that year, while Posey was rated the highest catcher. It was the right move for the Rays at the time. The results weren't what he wanted, but who knew that? Did you know in 1975 three players were taken in the NFL draft before Walter Payton ? I guess those GM's all blew it too, right?

        We should have taken Kershaw or Lincecum in '06 before this Longoria clown, right? Or better yet, Wieters instead of Price in '07, since David is our worst pitcher now, according to DD.

        Btw - Which starter were you planning to move to pen this year to bring WD40 back into the rotation? He wasn't a starter for us.

        Your hind site is so good, what about your fore site? Whom should AF draft this year ? Let's record it and track how you do.

        • Dave L says:

          Exactly. All you have to do is Plug in Buster Posey in Corks search to the right and you will get i think 28 posts starting before the Draft in 2008

          One gem was intitled May 31 (2008) [DOWN ON THE FARM] Please Don’t Draft Posey (sorry Cork heheh)

          The only guys pushing hard for him were 'Noles fans.

          These genuises with hind sight who when ever the words 'Buster Posey' are uttered post 2010 start salavating like Pavlov's dog and come in to tell us how they were smarter than Friedman. GTFO with your nonsense.

          Take Bill's challenge show us your 2008 post anywhere saying its a no brainer or STFU and get over it already and move on.

          Next topic! Pat the Bat! Discuss!


          • Cork Gaines says:

            Dave, did you actually read that post? I was making a joke that as a Gators fan I was not excited about drafting a Seminole. I actually wrote nothing about who would be the better player.

            As for the Posey/Beckham debate, the difference between this one and other draft "misses" is that the scouting department wanted Posey over Beckham but the reports at the time were that the Rays got scared by his $12 million bonus demand. In the end, he took $6 million which was the same as what they gave Beckham. So even the Rays preferred Posey as a player but passed. THAT is why this was indeed a blunder.

        • Dave L says:

          Yeah I read the post and a few of the others. I found no consensus in favor of Posey from you or anyone other than Noles fans. I didnt know u were a gator fan so I missed the subtlety of that post, sorry.

          Thats the essential point here. In hindsight we can always see the obvious choices.

          Should we have taken Posey? Of course but 3 other teams passed on him too. Heck if the O's would have known Posey would be this Posey for sure they would have taken him even though they had Wieters developing.

          This whole arguement is just so useless IMO. Its 2013. Every team could play what if with drafts. The Rays have financial constraints thats always been true.

          If you were Posey in the Spring of 2008 would you have wanted join this org? He might as well have been sent to Cuba. He was smart to scare off the Rays based on his info at the time and now he has WS rings.

          • Bill says:

            Plus, Cork, it's not a Posey/Beckham debate. It's an "anybody can judge what's in the rear view mirror" debate. Friedman and others in this FO deserve nothing but praise. And I am one of the most frustrated fans when it comes to their lack of O. I'm befuddled at how we sign or trade for guys and they proceed to have their worst seasons. Or if they have career seasons, a la Kotchman and Keppinger, so many others are so below their career averages that it doesn't matter. But we're not even having a discussin about any of this crap if AF is not one of the best in the biz. Because without him,most of us, including Donnie Darko, aren't even paying attention to the Rays.

  3. Rob says:

    I think this really decreases the chances of Gimenez coming up unless there is an injury or it's September.

    • Rob says:

      More specifically, an injury to Molina or Lobaton, meaning Gimenez isn't coming up because he is ready or torrid in Durham or to be a right-handed bat at DH or LF or to spell Longoria at third.

  4. Dave L says:

    I think mainly this just tells us that both being age 28 the Rays don't believe Vogt or Chirinos will ever be even a backup ML catcher ever so no need to spend any more time developing them.

    Giminez is obviously the #3 for now and I wouldnt be surprised if ole Molina breaks down before the the AS break even. I hope to see Gimmy get some reps soon witht he big club. Amazingly we got alot of offensive production out of the backstops the first week. Lets hope they keep driving the ball.

  5. Don says:

    Let me get this straight a GM whoses job it is to Know every player in the Draft was correct in taking the Best high school athlete, If fact if you did research there was probably better (bigger stronger faster hitters) than Beckham, and pass on the BEST catcher prospect since Johnny Bench, as rated by many, and we didn't have a catcher and the kid was from a major Florida college and your excuse for Friedman is look at all the other GMs in like Football have done it and theother players we could have taken or not taken over the years.....SORRY not doing your Job is not Doing your Job ...From a GM that has made Good and many Bad Decisions, HE STILL can't PIck out a HItter of all the Players available in the winter who could help this bad collection of non-Hitters...but he has an Excuse ..I'm just not sure what that could be?

    • Dave L says:

      1) Give me 1 link to any 2008-09 prediction which backs up your statements and I will give you 3 that contradicts them

      2) Give me 1 link to a "Don" 2008 post anywhere which screams NOOOOOO!!!!! Draft POSEY!!!!

      (1 and 2 are easy just do it. Should take 20 seconds max)

      3) Why am i arguing with a pinhead? Sorry


      Top 15 Catching Prospects
      by Adam Foster and Project Prospect
      December 1, 2009

      1) Jesus Montero C/DH The ball rockets off his bat; he's an elite contact hitter; not patient & D isn't great
      2) Carlos Santana C Lots of power, patient/balanced, good contact; elite arm; needs more polish on D
      3) Buster Posey C Ground-ball tendencies will limit power; D is solid and he's a good contact hitter
      4) Tyler Flowers C Notable contact concerns + below-ave. D take away from this power hitter's ceiling
      5) Derek Norris C Patient masher was AFL-bound but broke hamate; not great on D or with contact
      6 ) Wil Myers C/DH Upside alert! Very athletic, elite bat speed, strong arm, good footwork; great debut

      • Bill says:

        So let's generalize the challenge a little further for DD. He said, "He still can't pick out a hitter out of all of the players available in the winter who could help..." . OK, Don, show us the post from this off season where you said AF should sign a specific hitter this off season - and give the corresponding move he should not have made and/or the player he should have released. We will track how that works out for you. If you finish on top, I will buy you a steak dinner at Byrnes or the restaurant of your choice, with a bottle of Silver Oak Napa 1998. But I will never have to buy anything, because you won't find a post where you recommend anything. You just sit back and judge what others did or didn't do after the fact. That's the easy, lazy way out.

        Btw - I would offer the dinner for you and your significant other. But the better gift for he/she is probably an evening without your miserable @$$.

    • Bill says:

      You are still using after the fact logic, moron. Guess I have to once again remind myself that DNA is not a choice.

  6. chris says:

    What about just leaving Josh Hamilton out to dry?

    It's fine that you thought he'd never play again, or wouldn't amount to much, or even might be great but not trustworthy with that much money...they essentially had 3 slots open on the 40, & just let Josh go. Can you imagine the haul we'd get if we had prime Josh as bait?

    & I still want to know who picked Wade Townsend over Andrew McCutchen...

  7. Geoff Peterson says:

    Donny Doom strikes again. If Posey had been considered the best catching prospect since Johnny Bench, he would have been drafted as such out of high school like Bench was. Instead, 30 teams allowed him to spend 3 years in college ball without making him a can't refuse offer. In fact, he didn't play catcher until his 2nd year and continued to play a number of positions so was even considered as a utility player/pitcher prospect. Add to that, there are different expectations from HS players than from college players so the return on Beckham was not expected as quickly

  8. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Any chance this is just the first 2 steps in going out and finding a legit MLB catcher in some sort of package deal?


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