Down one in the 9th inning with two outs, it appeared that Ben Zobrist had drawn a walk to push the tying run into scoring position. But then it was called a third strike. Joe Maddon went ballistic and deservedly so. The pitch was both outside and low. But hey, human element! [You can see the full video at this link]…

And for fun, here is the Pitchf/x data which tracks the pitches (via This is from the point of view of the catcher and we are most interested in pitch 6…

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  1. L.N. Smithee says:

    I clicked on this out of curiosity. I thought, he's probably a big Rays fan overreacting. I was wrong. Whole Lee Crap. It looks like nobody was more shocked that was a called strike than Nathan himself, who seemed to be adjusting his cap and preparing to face the next batter. Outrageous!

    • Dave L says:

      Yeah the Nathan reaction says it all.

      That was bizarre.

      If there is a worse ever called strike 3 end to a game I would love to see it.

      Like the Longo overun if we are going to lose let us lose but dont take it away with an umpire being too cute over-reach.

      Give me the umps mailing addy so I can send a mocking $3 check and sign it Nolan Ryan jeez

      • Bill says:

        Good observation on the Nathan reaction. He went through a few emotions there, including what appeared to be waiting for the ball to come back at one point.

    • MarkE says:

      Nathan said, in an interview right after the game, "I was the last person in the park who knew the game was over".

      When I have to hear MLB's statement today, in which they "stand by their umpire", it will make me sick for the game of baseball.

  2. Bill says:

    Wow. I was just coming on here to say that usually I'm the guy to say that if it is close enough to call, it is close enough to hit, except tonight. I was ready to say that it was the worst called strike I have ever seen, before I even saw the headline. With the tying run one, about to be at second, go ahead on first, and our best stick who is 3 for 3 coming up, the ump calls that? I'm sorry, but that should be enough to get congress asking for this umps financial statements.

    No excuse. We still missed opportunities and we still allowed at least two too many runs. But that was the worst called strike at any level that I have ever seen.

  3. Dee Luxx says:


  4. Don says:

    Well Lets See... Nolan Ryan at Home or Mr "Good Guys" Maddon & Zobrist....whos going to get the call?....Let me think for awhile....

  5. dan r says:

    is the pitch f\x data taken from the "front of the plate", or behind the "point"? just curious.

  6. dan r says:

    thanks cork, i guess my question should have been worded from above looking down at the plate, where were they recorded. . still not sure i worded that correctly.

    • Billy says:

      I'm pretty sure all of this technology records (or approximates) and gives the location of the ball as it passed over the flat edge of the home plate.

      Cork may have thought you were asking what angle they were showing the picture from, which is clearly the catcher's angle.

      • dan r says:

        I sure didn't word it very well. But, that is interesting, "front" of plate, how about those that "catch the back corner" anyone take the time to research this yet?

  7. Gus says:

    He was horrible all game; the Zobrist call got the attention, but if MLB looks at the entire game, he was all over the place last night; tight in spots; way big in other spots.

    I give him credit for admitting he had blown it. That takes some stones. But look at some of the other at bats -- Hellickson's first batter of the game comes to mind, and a few other Rays hitters (Des maybe) were vexed the whole game. I worry about the guy's core competence. He had an awful night, all night.

  8. Andy Cordero says:

    Awfulness of this call notwithstanding, do umps tend to make hitters regret starting for 1st base before ump makes call on pitch? Have wondered this 4 long time, & finally asking. I do NOT think Zo left box too soon!! Like observations above re: Nathan's reaction.


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