MLB: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay RaysOn this date seven years ago, a biology professor that was hiding from his students during office hours on opening day of the baseball season, started a blog. That Professor had little idea what he was doing as is clearly evident in his first-ever post, a post that included a Jonny Gomes home run.

But he started to find his stride later that day when he wrote about a journalist that predicted the Devil Rays would win the World Series…in 2006! That post got a lot of play on the interwebs, and there was no looking back.

So, Happy Birthday to us!



  1. Rayhawk says:

    Yea, well I've been here for the last can't start my day without it..

    Thanks for all your hard work Cork. it is appreciated.

  2. Bill says:

    Happy Birthday! Does than mean you're 49 in Blog years ?

  3. Kyle Harris says:

    Happy Birthday! I have now been checking this site daily for about the past year. We really appreciate the work you do here Cork! Thanks, and GO RAYS!!!

  4. Lane Meyer says:

    Kudos, keep up the good work.

  5. Joe Rays Fan says:

    A Tampa Bay institution!

  6. Beazy says:

    Happy B'day Index!

  7. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    I started visiting in the middle of the 2007 season and started putting my 2 cents in as a poster later that season (as "DirtbagFan") and knew right away I'd found my home for Rays fodder.

    In fact, by 2008 Cork had inspired me to start my own (now defunct) Rays' blog-- it turned out in the end that it was just better to let the pro's do all the work...

    Congrats Cork, you've come a long way!


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