Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

There’s just no nitpicking when the Rays toss back-to-back shutouts from their fourth and fifth starters.

Joe was certain walking away with only one run from four consecutive walks to open the home first inning — against a scared Indians rookie starter no less — would come back and bite the Rays. But various other missed golden opportunities just didn’t matter in this 6-0 win against the Tribe.

Alex Cobb was aggressive and effecient, as was Joel Peralta. Desmond Jennings continues to show he’s eager, ready and willing to drive his game to new heights. … And now we wait for Major League Baseball to outlaw home-plate collisions, and for the Rays to retaliate for Evan Longoria’s seemingly pointless ass-beaning.

It should be a fun Sunday, and one of those hidden big games. A sweep behind David Price is the perfect sendoff to a 10-game road trip.




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  1. Don says:

    "Who needs Offense" what's your name Joe Maddon"
    Longoria's little brush back was the result of Jennings putting their catcher out of the game (maybe DL) Why not make a point and hit the Rays 2nd best (ass) use throwing at Jennings..that's too obvious.....Franconas been around a long time...his daddy wouldnt take it...looks like he won't either


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