Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…. It’s games like today’s that make Rays fans bang their heads against the wall season after season. Yeah, it’s damn early — only 10 games in — but the script hasn’t changed outside of having the savior in Triple-A.

Saturday’s 2-1 loss in chilly Boston was a clinic on unclutch hitting.

Rays fans still must endure anemic offense held together by great pitching, and they’re routinely forced to hope good defense and at bats by minor league talent (today Sean Rodriguez) will keep them warm at night.

Are those World Series dreams are about where they were last year?

There are some good signs to date, just not nearly enough.




  1. Ken says:

    Soon, for the umpteenth time, the focus will be on Mr. Shelton’s relevance as a major league batting coach. Is it fair? I don’t know.
    What I do know is that Loney is swinging with too much lift, Escobar is lunging, so is Joyce, Roberts, Duncan and SRod are swinging for Palmetto, and Lobaton rarely has a clue. 3 hitters can’t carry 6.
    Yes it’s early but….is any one other than me more than a little concerned? Somebody should be.

  2. Lane Meyer says:

    It’s time for Roberts and Rodriguez to be gone in favor of Guyer and Myers. Zobrist can be the every day 2B and Johnson the utility infielder. If they’re worried about a backup 3B, carry one less pitcher in the pen and bring up Giminez (as the backup at 3B, 3rd string catcher and extra OF). It’s time to clean out some of this dead wood. I’d also rather see almost anyone than Sandy Duncan as DH, Wolverine can’t return fast enough.

    • Don says:

      Well lets see: you have Guyer,Giminez, and Myres ,three 2013 minor league players (cheap labor) as Saviors for this team’s Offensive problems
      Whats your name Andrew Friedman? They have Three major league players (hitters) end of Story……

      • Lane Meyer says:

        Sorry Donny Doom, you are putting words in my mouth. My suggested changes are based on the fact that Sean Rod, Roberts, and Duncan, never figure to be any better than they are today which is not good. Myers and Guyer, while maybe not ready 100% are a better alternative. For now they could play the corner outfield positions against lefties and Joyce and Fuld play against righties. If Myers gets hot, put him in every day. And Donny, your reference to Rodriguez, Duncan, and Roberts as “Major League hitters” is laughable. As for Giminez, he’s a versatile player who showed some promise at the plate last year and is a better defensive player at his positions than either Roberts or Duncan.

        • Dave L says:

          Remember his answer was to beat the Chisox 3 year $12 mil deal to keep Kepp who so far is batting under .200 with 1 RBI as an everyday player.

          I prefer the upside of the others as well and if the guys you mentioned continue to not produce the young guys will be up sooner rather than later. Management always has more patience than the fans, sometimes they wait too long its true.

          Guyer has been here before and he hasn’t produced but I think he deserves a shot and he will get it im sure.

          • Don says:

            I’ll take Jennings, Keppinger, Zobrist,Longoria, hitting 1thru4 and out score any lineup Maddon can dream up or any bums Friedman can sign…..but of course I only have to avg 2-3 runs bet you lunch money..once again you lose…Davey boy

          • Dave L says:

            kepp is hitting .200 with 1 RBI need i repeat it?

            you were for sigining him to a 3 year deal for Over $12M to keep him.

            He was your answer, Boy Wonder, offering him more guaranteed money than Loney/Johnson/Escobar combined.

            I made a rule only respond to 1 in 5 of your most pathetic respnses to me personally because the rest are not decipherable.

            Easy rule to uphold. Keep serving me fat taters to hit out of the park

        • salter says:

          Don isn’t the must articulate of fellas, but I interpreted his comment as saying we only 3 have major league caliber hitters on the current roster (presumably Jennings, Longo and Zorilla)

          In that case I agree with him but if he’s actually suggesting that Duncan, S-Rod and Roberts are major league level then he is sadly mistaken.

          • Lane Meyer says:

            You may be right Dave, but since Donny Doom is virtually incoherent most of the time it’s hard to decipher his Unabomber-like rants.

        • Don says:

          You watch games I assume?, and you still don’t know who the best (only) hitters they…. have hey Andrew… year you do the Draft & signings…

    • Ken says:

      I’m gonna side step Don’s eternal pessimism Lane and just say that I agree with you though I suggest your changes occur in stages. Rays should start to shop the “R” boys now and bring up Guyer when one is gone. I’d keep Myers down until he was on a tear.
      I’m beginning to wonder about Fuld’s value. We have a boat load of OF’s that have more power. His defense could be missed but probably not. Maybe Guyer up and Fuld gone. Duncan needs to go now. Bring up Anderson until Scott’s ready (???), then make a decision then.
      Bottom line is we need to score runs and we aren’t right now.
      We’re fortunate the other 4 teams are struggling with injuries.

  3. Andy says:

    “Tired script” is the damn truth!! Some good advice, guys, tho I’m not sure that having Scott back is gonna mean much. If so, it’s not gonna be for long (I think his left pinky is going down next). Also, seems like Escobar – he of the questionable reputation – is a BJ retread in terms of hustle, at least in the field where he’s supposed to be a stud! On that awful throw from Lobaton, Yunel seemed too casual, at least to me, when going after it. Anyone else see this? Had a disturbing flashback to Upton :(

    • Ken says:

      I thought Escobar should have caught that ball at first glance. The replay shows that the ball was seriously tailing and it looked like Escobar was avoiding the runner. Either way, he does remind of BJ too. Upton used to take his batting woes to the field with him, I wonder if Yunel’s doing the same?

      • Dave L says:

        I think Escobar has zero blame for the penultimate play of the game. He is setting himself to catch and make a tag on a great baserunner.

        He is not expecting it to sail 10 feet wide of the bag. The fault was 100% the catcher and the second baseman possibly should have been backing him up with no one on first.

        Perhaps you are referring to other lazy plays? I didnt get to watch the game so maybe I missed something. So far his defense has been excellent . His bat is dead you can fault him for that.

        • Ken says:

          Dave, he does tend to show boat a bit. I’m glad we have him, definitely a defensive upgrade. He’s got to start hitting though. He tends to give the ump the “Upton-look” at least once a game and so far is an SRod out on any 2-2 pitch away. His career BA is .259 so I hope he comes around. Orestes should give him some pointers.

        • Rob says:

          Well, for whatever blame he didn’t have yesterday (Sat) he sure made up for today.

        • Andy Cordero says:

          Agree that Lobaton’s throw was at fault – for the stolen base!!! However, Escobar cost us by allowing runner getting to 3rd, though. Official scorer even thot so, for a minute. I hear u, tho, Dave, except that throw was so bad, Yunel needn’t have bothered w/base coverage or tagging runner! On replay, was obvious throw was veering left from moment it left Jose’s hand!! Barry & Orestes called his effort on that play “nonchalant” during today’s pregame. Much better description than mine (“casual”)!!

  4. Rob says:

    It’s a little ironic that the day after Maddon poo-pooed the bunt play by saying it’s overrated the Red Sox execute one that leads to a big inning.

  5. Rob says:

    Just listening to Statts and Anderson talk about how the Rays don’t have much power in the lineup, so they have to be aggressive on the base paths even though they don’t have “blinding speed.” Let me get this straight, they don’t have speed or power and they don’t philosophically believe in playing small ball. And nobody can argue that they hit for average. So, what is their strategy? Wait for a walk and then take the an extra base if someone happens to get one of their 4 hits per game with somebody on? That’s brilliant – wonder why more teams don’t do that.

  6. Rob says:

    So, after 10 games, there are 17 guys in the majors with as many (4) or more HRs than the entire Rays team.

  7. Ken says:

    Here’s a thought even Donny Doom will embrace. Let’s put every Ray batting below .200 on the 15 day DL and bring up a corresponding Durham player. It would be an entertaining exercise that may well lead to better attendance and even a win or two. Hell, the kids can’t do any worse.

    • Don says:

      Hell I’m voting for Maddon “manager of the Year” Best moves” or ” Best Jackets”
      and Friedman, “Best Judge of hitting talent in Baseball front office management”
      You Voting with me Fans?

  8. Mr Smith 1980 says:

    I can’t take the futility of this team for much longer.
    Of all the anemic lineups I’ve seen over the last 6 years this one seems to be frustrating me more than all the others. I’m not sure it’s this team actually being more futile or if it’s the culmination of their futility and my loss of patience. Regardless of the catalyst, I’m not enjoying this season at all.

    Sam Fuld is no longer worth his salt. There is no way his defense can counteract his offensive deficit at this point.

    Call me stubborn, but I still find myself believing that Escobar and Loney will get hot (or at least warmer), but I have no evidence to prove that they actually will.

    We all knew that Shelly and Kelly didn’t belong here (except Don who knew that Kelly was the answer to the power problem… remember that comment Don?).

    Joyce frustrates me the most because I see that sweet swing and get fooled over and over again that he’s going to magically morph into a power hitter.

    I’ll eat crow and admit that Molina has been stellar on both sides of the ball, but Lobaton should be on a perpetually shortened leash with Giminez on speed-dial.

    They will not rush Myers due to lack of production, because they don’t want a rookie to come up with the expectation of being the savior.

    Longo’s lack of power is a major concern if it continues for say… 5 more games.

    Zobrist is Zobrist, and Desmond is (so far) an upgrade in CF and at the plate as compared to his predecessor.

    This team is just plain hard to watch!

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