At first tonight, in the Rays’ 6-1 loss to the Rangers, Joe felt sorry for the Rays. Texas was getting Texas League bloopers to fall just beyond the leather of Rays infielders.

That stinks.

Then the Rangers started getting clean, no-doubter hits and it was all over. Not even Marty Foster would have made a different. But should this surprise any Rays fan?

Just look at that lineup. Sean Rodriguez pinch-hitting? The giggles in the Texas dugout could be heard in St. Petersburg. The bottom of the Rays lineup tonight is simply miserable at the plate. Four hits rarely gets the job done boys.

But this has been the Rays for the past two or three seasons. As irritating as it is, we should be used to it by now, yet Joe isn’t. Unless the Rays get a dominant performance from their starting pitching, it’s more often than not a long night.

Is it too early to start pining for the Savior, Wil Myers?



  1. Josh says:

    No it is NOT too early to start pining for Wil Myers. Financial reasons aside, Wil Myers is a better hitter than more than half of this team. He should be starting over Sam Fuld no doubt. If it were only a “baseball decision” like the front office has murmured, he’d already be up here. We have learned oh too well that every loss matters, whether it is now or September. We need all the help we can get.

    That being said, offense wasn’t our only issue tonight. Roberto Hernandez hasn’t been terrible in his two starts, but he has not been the “bargain” that the Rays thought they found either. Archer could easily be in that spot and SHOULD be in that spot. He has already proven that he can pitch up here.

    Frustrating losses and with 18 of our next 24 on the road, if we don’t make some changes soon we will be on the outside looking in come September.

  2. Rob says:

    The pitching staff had an absolute incredible year last year and they didn’t make the playoffs. The offense wasn’t really upgraded and the pitching will regress. It has to, and it would have regressed if Shields were still here too. Sort of the antithesis of the pitching situation, the defense can only get better.

    The offense doesn’t look a bit improved. You really only have 2 major league hitters in the lineup (Longoria and Zobrist) with one on the rise (Jennings). Everyone else looks pedestrian. I have always thought Joyce would have a breakout season one of these years, but I am beginning to think it will never happen.

    So, does weaker pitching + stronger defense + no change in offense = playoffs?

  3. Allen says:

    Come on, Hernandez did not pitch anywhere like the box score looks. Even Archer could have had the fluke hits against him that Hernandez had. The real problem in Texas is the lack of hitting by the Rays.

    Loney adds nothing at 1B, Escobar adds nothing at shortstop, and Joyce, who usually starts strong then fades, has faded this year right out the gate. What a disappointment he is. And Kelly Johnson? Forget it. The only thing he can do consistently is strike out.

    If the starting pitching doesn’t improve, this is going to be a very long season for a team that won’t win 75 games. It’s early, and this team has turned things around before. Let’s hope they can do it again.

  4. Ken says:

    Can anybody say rebuild? It’s time Rays fans. This team won’t be around in September. The pitching WILL turn around but, like last year, it won’t be enough to secure a playoff spot. Time to consider some major roster movement. SRod and Joyce have an option left, send them both to Durham and I don’t give a flying “F” how humiliated they feel. Bring up Guyer and Myers immediately. DFA Roberts and KJ, neither one is worth a roster spot and neither one has a bit of trade value. DFA Lobaton too, Gimenez comes up and performs about just as well. Zobrist stays at second until we find a suitable replacement, ditto Escobar. Trade Hellboy while he still has some value and bring up Archer.
    If we are gonna tank this year, and that seems pretty evident, let’s do so with players that may have a future.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      So after a microcosmic sample you’re mailing it in? You’ve seen enough in 1 week to determine that the Rays won’t be playing meaningful games in September?
      Imagine if an AL East team ever started 0-7. I bet they’d never be playing meaningful games at the end of the season…

      • Ken says:

        Your tongue in cheek comments reflect the party line and are, at times, on the mark. Note that you failed to address anything specific about the players mentioned other than Myers. Last time I looked a line up consisted of 9 players. Scott (if healthy lol) and Myers bring us up to 5 productive hitters, to me that doesn’t bode well for a team supposedly capable of winning it all.

        • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

          You’re absolutely right. There are way too few hitters on this team. But the Braintrust has not built this empire around power- the Rays’ answer doesn’t lie within power it lies within OBP and pitching- you know that, and as such, should be able to remind yourself to stop lusting for big bats and epic power, and prepare yourself for a fair number of offensive “stinkers”.

  5. Mark says:

    Yeah let’s bring up Wil Myers and let Derek Shelton turn him into a 230 hitter with little power. At least with him down in Durham we can hold onto how good he is.

  6. Don says:

    NO COMMENT: I’ll Just repeat Maddons “I know it looks bad and it was not a good game for us But we did a lot of GOOD things ONCE AGAIN…….ITS Just TOO EARLY in the Year that you can’t get concerned.”
    OK you “unknowing fans” you ready too buy into Ole Joe or does April/May 2009 ring any bells

  7. CC says:

    This team has no power. Other than Jennings, no speed. Team batting average is terrible. Can someone tell me how we plan on scoring more runs than the other team. Right now things do not look good to me. But hey what do I know. I’m just a fan.

  8. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    In six weeks when Scott is playing DH and Myers is in The Show the lineup will take on an entirely different complexion… do I pin all my hopes on Scott and Myers? No. But their simply being in the batting order changes pitchers’ approaches and helps erase glaring holes in the lineup.

    Patience grasshoppers… they’ve played 4.9% of the season. (Ironic that 4.9 also indicates Donnie Downer’s IQ)

    • Don says:

      Your Good at “name Calling” try to say something that makes sense, or change your name got run out of here last time with your stupid comments, “Dirtbag” I liked your old name..

      • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

        I certainly did not get run-out of here as “DitrbagFan”… I opted to change my “username” so that newcomers or morons like you who didn’t know that it was a way of paying homage to Longoria (aka Dirtbag)… anyways, why am I defending myself to the likes of you?

        Have you ever run your own blog? Are you a published author? Have you ever been asked to guest write here at RI? Guess who has. No? I’ll make it easy for you… me.

        • Don says:

          Your changing you name again…”ME”?…. I would pay to see you write a blog on Rays baseball, Cork here’s your chance………..are your postings samples?

          • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

            I ran a Rays’ blog for nearly 2 years. Admittedly, it wasn’t successful enough for me to continue with indefinitely.

            Here’s Cork’s chance for what? He has already invited me to guest write “The Hangover” in the past while he vacationed.

            Furthermore, I ‘ve published 3 national articles on non-baseball related content and have penned approximately 35,000 words of my first novel…

            As I type this post, I am once again ashamed of myself for arguing with you, and am delivering a “palm to face” for being sucked in to this discussion at all. My credentials have nothing to do with your being clueless.

  9. Dave L says:

    We are 3-5 and barely into week two.

    Just relax people.

    2.5 games back April 10 doesnt warrant jumping on the panic button with both feet. Nobody looks like world beaters at this point in the AL.

  10. Don says:

    ME..Send me your Novel (thats fiction right) “What I know about baseball”
    by Coach Smith

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