Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

Joe suspects Skipper Maddon’s pregame DJ Fresh silliness had nothing to do with the Rays’ lifeless bats tonight, and Joe’s going to go out on a limb and say DJ’s choice of music was not Jeremy Hellickson’s hometown Iowa groove of choice.

So, of course, the Rays and Hellboy walked away with a 3-hit, 1-0 shutout of the A’s at the Trop. That makes perfect sense.

Hellboy was spectacular. The Rays made another second tier young starting pitcher look like Greg Maddux.  Matt Joyce’s solo bomb was enough. And Fernando Rodney had his best stuff of the season. His postgame arrow should have been shot at Ryan Roberts, but Rodney did the classy thing and went for the moon.

A sweep of the suddenly cold A’s tomorrow would do wonders for the good guys.





  1. Dave L says:

    Was at the Trop tonite it was a thing of beauty.

    Dave L forgives Joe for not knowing Jarrod Parker is a former first round pick 24 years old with a 3.47 ERA last year in 29 starts. Hardly mid tier. Just a very talented young guy who had 2 rough starts. He was on tonite.

    But Helli was better. Peralta was strong. Rodney had a 4-out 9th inning save. Fernando hugged Roberts as he approached him after the arrow. Blaming teammates for 1 play in a 162 game season is death and Rodney knows it.

    This team knows it.

    The Rays shifting was masterful. Hottest offense in the AL has been shut down for 2 games.

    I love 1-0 victories. Every play counts. The Trop was rocking.

    The only A who touched second with bad intentions was the victim of the first unassisted DP by an outfielder since many of you were born.

    History baby.


  2. Don says:

    Hellboy picks up the Pace, Offense does their thing 1 run in 9 innings, NOW ....Noname to the mound to try to shore up Managements belief he is still a $5mil ML Pitcher, and worthy of a spot in Rays long list of potential ML starters..Heres Looking at you big boy...Do something less than 6 think

  3. Burg says:

    The "DJ" is a douche...


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