joeraysfan2Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

Yeah, Joe knows it isn’t even April 15 (close), and yes, Joe knows when he is on, Red Sux pitcher Clay Buchholz is one of the dominant pitchers in baseball. Still, this flirting with getting no-hit, if not getting no-hit, is beyond old and Joe points a finger at the Rays’ front office.

As many hosannas as Andrew Friedman gets (and deserves) for developing pitchers — he and his scouts may be the best in baseball at finding and grooming hurlers — Friedman and his staff are just as bad with offense. Essentially, Friedman is the Father Dungy of baseball.

Only defense (in this case, pitching) matters. Offense is trivial.

How else can one explain the Rays’ oversight with guys who make their livings with bats? Aside from Evan Longoria, who was Friedman’s first draft choice, and Desmond Jennings, name a hitter Friedman and the Rays have drafted and developed? Joe’s answer to his own question is zero. And Friedman has been in charge of things for not quite seven years. That’s a disturbing pattern right there for inability (or indifference) to developing sticks.

Again, Joe lauds Friedman for developing pitchers. He’s masterful at finding pitchers. The same cannot be said for hitters. And last Joe checked, if you can’t score runs, it doesn’t matter how dominant your pitchers are. It’s this, and this nonsense of working the count in which hitters paint themselves into a corner, is why the Rays are always a good bet in Vegas for being no-hit.

Shoot, the way the Rays are (not) hitting, Adam Wainwright, a lifetime .200-hitting pitcher, could be the Rays’ designated hitter.

No folks, Joe’s not being knee-jerk here. The past three years has shown a pretty distinct pattern; offense is an afterthought in the Rays organization, or just simply mismanaged. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be seeing this punchless batting order, punctuated by Southern League Sam Fuld.






  1. Rob says:

    At some point they are going to have no choice but to replace Shelton, and I wonder how they will spin that since they have dug in so deep on what a great job he is doing.

    • Beazy says:

      I like to think me changing my clothes, brushing my teeth, shaving, and switching stuff around in the living room in the 8th helped instantly break up the no-hitter... lol
      As for the hitting, we're a streaky team, and hopefully they'll start getting clutch hits and start driving home all the men that's been on base...

    • JIMMY G says:

      Shelton.......That is the most played out lame excuse of why they can't hit...THEY HAVE NO FREAKING TALENT......what is he supposed to do with the THREE guys they have that could play for ANY OTHER team!!!!!

      • Ken says:

        Good point. By the time they get to the bigs they're supposed to have a clue. Shelton can't make a career AA ball player any better than a career AA ball player. Why do you think they were traded or cut by their former teams.

  2. Ken says:

    Srod, Lobaton, Roberts, Duncan and Fuld have no business on a team purportedly in the hunt to win the AL East. Joyce and Kelly Johnson????, the jury's out but the verdict is predictable. I have hope for Loney and Escobar (silly me). What's left: Longo, Zobrist and Flash, and I won't even mention Scott and Molina.
    Joe's absolutely right, Friedman and Maddon couldn't find a hitter if they were conked in the head with a bat.
    Bite the bullet Rays management and start to slowly unload these non-performers and bring up the best of the farm. Stewie keeps crying poverty so what other choice do we have? Besides, by my count, getting rid of the first 7 he'd save a couple of million.
    I'd rather pay to go see Myers, Guyer, Figuroa, Anderson, Gimenez, Beckham and Lee anyway but I live too far from Durham.

  3. Mr Smith 1980 says:

    I was tempted to vent my frustration again, but figured it'd just be easier to bump my comment from yesterday's shot o joe:


    I can’t take the futility of this team for much longer.
    Of all the anemic lineups I’ve seen over the last 6 years this one seems to be frustrating me more than all the others. I’m not sure it’s this team actually being more futile or if it’s the culmination of their futility and my loss of patience. Regardless of the catalyst, I’m not enjoying this season at all.

    Sam Fuld is no longer worth his salt. There is no way his defense can counteract his offensive deficit at this point.

    Call me stubborn, but I still find myself believing that Escobar and Loney will get hot (or at least warmer), but I have no evidence to prove that they actually will.

    We all knew that Shelly and Kelly didn’t belong here (except Don who knew that Kelly was the answer to the power problem… remember that comment Don?).

    Joyce frustrates me the most because I see that sweet swing and get fooled over and over again that he’s going to magically morph into a power hitter.

    I’ll eat crow and admit that Molina has been stellar on both sides of the ball, but Lobaton should be on a perpetually shortened leash with Giminez on speed-dial.

    They will not rush Myers due to lack of production, because they don’t want a rookie to come up with the expectation of being the savior.

    Longo’s lack of power is a major concern if it continues for say… 5- 10 more games.

    Zobrist is Zobrist, and Desmond is (so far) an upgrade in CF and at the plate as compared to his predecessor.

    This team is just plain hard to watch!

    • Ken says:

      I don't want to see Myers up either until mgt. rids the team of the bums taking up spots now. Why bring a kid into such a dour atmosphere? Loney and Escobar will come around though I feel Escobar needs some special handling.
      Yeah, watching this team on offense is paramount to watching paint dry.
      Pitchers will start pressing next. Price was flipped out yesterday when he gave up the homer because he knew that was the game. I've taken my shades off because right now the future's not so bright.

  4. Cj says:

    Leslie Anderson is missed opportunity sitting Durham show how Rays can't see a hitter for talent if HOF was hitting at 30yrs old

    • Chris D says:

      Anderson's stat line through 9 in Durham this year (including a 3 hit game today): .368/.429/1.113

      • Mr Smith 1980 says:

        Although the choruses for Myers are gaining volume, I think Giminez, Anderson, and Guyer are all more realistic call-ups in the very near future (although maybe not in that order)...

  5. Jason says:

    I don't care if this isn't entirely Shelton's fault or not, he has not improved any hitter under his tenure and there needs to be a shakeup somewhere. It's time for him to go and at least show the Rays fans that the Rays acknowledge how terribly painful it is to watch this team sometimes.

    • Mr Smith 1980 says:

      I've typically held that Shelton is not to blame (although I'm sure I made him the scapegoat in a post or two over the years), but it's time. You put it perfectly that He may not be the problem, but he certainly isn't the solution. A change could help wake everyone up and provide a new and fresh perspective to hitters with never realized potential like Joyce.

  6. Ken says:

    We all know that the Yanks have been decimated by injuries. Yet they go out and sign Wells, Boesch, Overbay, Youkelis, Francisco and these guys are performing well enough to have them above .500.
    We sign Scott, Johnson Loney and Escobar and we're in last place. I don't get it. I would have passed on all the Yanks stop gap signings and felt great about ours instead. Is it homework, pinstripes or the curse of the Trop?

    • Mr.Smith 1980 says:

      It is truly perplexing. I'm with you in feeling better about the Rays signings than the Yankees signings, but it seems to me that whenever we plug-in player B to replace player A they never have a big year, heck, I'd be happy if someone (other than Kepp) would just have a decent year...
      at some point you have to consider that if no matter which player plugs the hole the same issues occur then the issues must lie outside of the players themselves. Is the uber-loose clubhouse too loose for them to take the game seriously? Is the coaching staff too focused on sabermetrics to remember the rudiments of baseball? Is Shelton that bad? Is it the curse of the Devil (Ray)? Talent-deficient hacks like Duncan and Johnson notwithstanding, some combination of players should be able to fire on at least most cylinders most of the time... it's a real head-scratcher.

  7. Dave L says:

    As of today we are 4-7 and Boston leads at 7-4.

    7% of the season is in the books.

    They guys on deck are untested and have options.

    If you go to them now in Mid April and they struggle same as the established guys.....what then?

    Its reasonable to expect Loney/Escobar/Johnson to have career average years offensively not great but career avreage as they are healthy and in the prime age of thier careers.

    They have not so far, Joyce/Fuld as well have been useless offensively.

    The Zo/Longo/DJ team have carried us. The much maligned catchers have done very well O-wise (relatively) and D-wise plus calling games IMO

    Duncan is a bandaid as the Rays brass would tell you under truth serum. Would Gimmy be better? I think so but im not sure.

    Would Leslie be better? Maybe. Lambast me in 2 years when the flaccid lumbering, Cubano is tearing it up in MLB with another team.

    I seriously doubt that will happen.

    This is the girl we brought to the 2013 Prom and we have to dance with her. Get used to it.

  8. Allen says:

    I am a fan of the NL Atlanta Braves. They had 4 .100 hitters in their lineup Sunday and their record is 11-1.
    My favorite team, the Tampa Bay Rays had four .100 hitters too, and we are 4-7.

    I think Joyce is a major multi-year disappointment, and it looks like Fuld has a short-run career streak. I agree with those who a down on Duncan and Rodriquez.

    But what is the difference between the Braves and the Rays? P-I-T-C-H-I-N-G.

    • Rob says:

      Um, I think the fact that the Braves have scored nearly twice as many runs as the Rays might have something to do with the record difference too.

    • Mr.Smith 1980 says:

      Currently Justin Upton has 7 HR's... the Rays have 4, and their best player has yet to hit for extra bases... the difference is most definitely not pitching.

      • Allen says:

        I agree that Rob and Mr. Smith make valid observations, especially on the HRs by Justin Upton vs. four for the Rays. And the paltry number of runs scored by the Rays in the midst of their weak hitting. My point is that Rays pitching has been weak too. Hellickson has not thrown well in either of his games, Price's ERA is close to 6.00, Hernandez is over 6.00 (but he gave up all those blooper hits in his last outing). Rodney, Farnsworth, McGee and Ramos are critical to our relief corp and none of them has an ERA under 5.00.

        It is very early in the season and let's hope those numbers are corrected, and I expect them to be, but our pitching has not been stellar as we expect.

        I did not mean to detract from how pathetic our hitting is. I do have hope for our pitching to improve. I don't know we can have the same hope for our hitting.

  9. I am so disgusted with the rays organization right now. You cry at the fans for not showing up, you bitch about no corporate sponsorship, you moan "We need a new stadium o compete", guess what, you can have ALL my Rays gear back. I am tired of supporting a team that HOPES to compete for a wild card. MY discretionary money no longer includes support for an organization that is SO narrow sighted, it can't see what is going on. We need perfect pitching, and perfect defense, just to HOPE on of our scub....errrrr....scrap heap players catch's fire like they did in '08. 3 hits,3 freakin hits, Saturdays extra inning loss. Glad I live in a state where there is plenty to do, it WILL not include the Trop, or Sun Sports this summer. If I want to have my heart broke or be bored, I can watch America's Got Talent. At least there, they TRY to bring in talent from across the spectrum.

  10. Don says:

    Friedman is a "genius", and Maddon is the best at getting the "best" out of his players, don't worry fans its only a matter of time......I wish I would have said those things....sorry I didn't
    Dave L sounds like you have experienced that girl friend thing...did you have a good time?

    • Dave L says:

      I guess that phrase went over your head as most do. I will try to explain.

      It was a play on 'dance with the girl that brung you" which refers to having to play with the players that you have on your roster and not those you wish would be there in your dreams..

      Its a metaphor. It has nothing to do with anyones real life girlfriend.


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