Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

So what if Matt Moore can’t always find the strike zone. Nobody can hit him.

Behind Moore’s six-walk, one-hit frustration of the Rangers, the Rays marched to their third shutout of the season on the frozen tundra of Arlington this evening. Thankfully, Moore’s 5 1/3 innings were followed by the 2012 bullpen.

Fernando Rodney shot his first arrow of 2013, and James Loney desperately needs work on his arrow-tracking face and body language.

Joe was pumped to the see the stellar defense but most excited by the continued growth of Moore and Desmond Jennings, two major X-factors for a successful Rays season. Jennings smacked his fifth double of the young campaign and scored after a strong at bat.

The Rays still look like the same old rollercoaster Rays — and that feels good after a game like this.





  1. Brian says:

    Loney needs to do his homework and study the Dominicans arrow celebration. Loney's reaction was awkward at best.

  2. Ken says:

    Certainly a much needed win. I know it's early but what concerns me is that almost every position player we obtain through free agency and/or waivers lately struggles with the bat. Loney, Escobar and K. Johnson all hitting well below career norms...and the three of them aren't that old. Roberts and Scott also are good examples. Kepp was the only + I can think of. Is Shelton really that bad? Is our player evaluation system that flawed?
    Hopefully these three will pick up the pace along with Scott and quell my doubts. Until then I guess we're on the roller coaster. Gonna have to re-up my anxiety meds.


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