Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

So THAT’S what offense looks like, huh?

The Rays, for the first time in recent memory, looked like a major league club out there by punking the Orioles XXX. Yes, the Rays largely did this with long balls (Kelly Johnson and Shelley Duncan) and there were key hits throughout the lineup tonight.

It also helped that Matt Moore had a solid outing with some serious, nasty-looking pitches that threw the Orioles batters off balance.

Joe also liked how Baltimore catch Matt Wieters blasted his pitcher, T.J. McFarland trying to nab Matt Joyce steeling second. As Rays analyst Brian Anderson said, Wieters needed a cutoff man between him and McFarland.

Even Merlot Joe got run adding to the entertainment value.

Now what Joe would like to know if tonight’s offense was an accident, or the start of the new norm? Time will surely tell.


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  1. Don says:

    7 different hitters get 11 hits score 6 runs....Rays win...Surprise, Surprise....
    Starting Pitcher holds other team to 2 Runs...Surprise
    Maddon gets kicked out of close Game...NO surprise..


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