Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

The greatest pitching X-factor entering this season was Matt Moore, and there’s no question his stellar performance tonight in the 4-0 victory against the Indians should do more to soothe Rays fans than a passionate half hour with sideline princess Kelly Nash.

Moore looked like he took the proverbial “step” needed to take him to become a 15- or 16-game winner this season.

Forget Desmond Jennings (another X-factor) continuing to show maturity at the plate. Forget Ben Zobrist dominating with his bat through four games. Forget the lights-out bullpen tonight. Moore is putting the biggest smile on Joe, especially considering Moore’s history says he starts slow in April.

There’s been a great competitive spirit between Rays starters since 2007. Joe was a bit fearful that fire might have fallen off without James Shields, but it seems it might be more intense than ever.

The run support to date may have fans stunned, but this is Moore’s night, one that gives Rays fans a fresh shot of hope.








  1. Don says:

    Good Pitching, No stupid mistakes, Zobrist hitting.....need I say Moore?

  2. tbeartbb says:

    longo still not warmed up, will in waiting, could be a good year


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